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Right To Vape is an international database and repository. It contains testimonials of adults who have switched from combustible and unsafe oral tobacco products to safer nicotine alternatives.

My name is Dale and I live In Florida, Iƒ??m 57 and smoked cigarettes since I was 10 yrs old.. I stopped smoking in Sept. 2012 after being in the hospital for a week over other medical conditions. When I got out of the hospital my wife bought my smokes with her to the hospital to pick me up. She mentioned to me that I had gone all week without a smoke I should just try to stop again, I new she was right so I said to her, babe throw them away I am done with those.. my mind was finally made up, I had enough of smoking !!! I had tried Nicotine patches several times and they never worked for me so to help me stay off the cigarettes We stopped by the flea market and bought what I thought would be the best e-cig deal at 75 bucks. I used these for about a week, they sucked, what a waste of money, hardly no vapors and constant leaks and messy as hell, I needed something really bad to fill my thoughts with the idea I was smoking . I Googled around and found the eGo-C I was like YES this will work so I ordered those from ovaleusa.com. I was very happy now and still not one cigarette since leaving the hospital. Now I use 3 ego twist batteries with a Viva nova 3.5ml tanks.. I vape only tobacco flavors and I vape all day long.. I just got in the mail a Vamo V-3 tube and batteries and to go with it a Kangor Pro Tank. This and the eGo-Twist will be my setup now for life, I am happy and yes I still want a smoke from time to time but I just do some vape and I am good to go. My Breathing and Taste and my blood Pressure have all gotten better since I stopped smoking Reg cigarettes. I have been an x-smoker now for approx 326 days and 18 hours and avoided over 14,000 cigarettes. Soo thatƒ??s my short story,, with the help of e-cigs and good e-juices and pure determination I STOPPED smoking in one day after 30 plus years smoking 3 packs a day. I could not have done it without the help of an E-cig !