About RightToVape.org
Right To Vape is an international database and repository. It contains testimonials of adults who have switched from combustible and unsafe oral tobacco products to safer nicotine alternatives.

After over 40 years of 25 – 30 cigarettes daily, I decided to give e-cigarettes a go, primarily to save money but also as they could be very useful on plane journeys etc (two hours Cardiff to Spain is a VERY long time without a fag!). I had NO INTENTION of quitting – just thought of e-cigs as a handy alternative/supplement. I had about 100 cigarettes at home at the time – i smoked the last of them over three weeks later, and haven’t even considered buying any more. With my very first e-cig I realised several things: I didn’t need an ash tray I didn’t need a lighter My breath didn’t smell afterwards I didn’t get ash on my clothes No nicotine was wasted, burning away in between drags My wife wasn’t moaning After a few weeks, I realised how much money I was saving – I am now spending in a month the amount I used to spend in a week! Also – and as someone very sceptical about anti-smoking hype I almost regret having to admit this – my 40-year-old smoker’s cough was GONE! I took to these things from the first puff – to those who say they can’t get on with e-cigs, my advice is PERSEVERE! I’m still the same laid-back nicotine addict I used to be, but richer!