About RightToVape.org
Right To Vape is an international database and repository. It contains testimonials of adults who have switched from combustible and unsafe oral tobacco products to safer nicotine alternatives.

I had been a two-pack per day smoker for about 5 years and a smoker for a total of 38 years (I started when I was 11 years old) ƒ?? up until 6 months ago. On March 3rd, 2013, I quit smoking ƒ?? for good. Now, I vape. Here is my story: Christmas, 2011. I open the gift that my wife bought for me. Inside were two batteries, a charger, and 10 packages of what looked like cigarette filters. ƒ??Whatƒ??s this contraption?ƒ?, I asked my wife. ƒ??Itƒ??s an electronic cigaretteƒ?, she replied. ƒ??I want you to try to quit smoking.ƒ? I read the instructions, and charged the batteries. I put one of the ƒ??filterƒ? cartridges on the battery ƒ?? put it to my lips ƒ?? inhaled ƒ?? and then exploded in a fit of coughing. I then silently took it apart, placed back in its box, and put it on the highest shelf I could find. ƒ??Out of sight, out of mindƒ?. Fast forward to Christmas, 2012. My wife is pestering me about my smoking. ƒ??Your coughing woke me up again last night.ƒ? ƒ??When are you going to quit?ƒ? ƒ??What happened to that electronic cigarette that I bought you last year?ƒ? ƒ??You stink. When are you going to quit?ƒ? It was never-ending. So I started to research electronic cigarettes. I found an e-cigarette forum that had lots of information, and just started reading. It took me a while to get through it all. Some of it was extremely overwhelming and complex, but I figured that if it would help me to quit smoking, and save what was becoming a fast deteriorating marriage, I was willing to try again. Of course, I was still sort of half-hearted over the whole thing. I rather enjoyed smoking. In late February of 2013, I placed my order for an eGo-C kit, with a couple of bottles of e-juice. It arrived on my desk on March 2nd. I opened the kit and read the instructions. I let the batteries charge while I was sleeping. The next morning, March 3rd, I was having my morning coffee and first cigarette. I had this ƒ??thingƒ? assembled, and was turning it over in my hands. I tried it ƒ?? just a little bit because I still remembered picking my lungs up off the floor from the last attempt. I coughed a bit. I tried again ƒ?? a little more this time. Coughed again, but this time, it wasn’t as bad as when I tried the one my wife gave me. I set it down next to my pack of cigarettes and thought about it for a while. Maybe this could work, if I could get over the coughing. Maybe the coughing was because I was inhaling something ƒ??differentƒ? from tobacco smoke. I was, after all, in the beginning stages of COPD, and just about anything and everything irritated my throat. While I was spending the next few hours grading papers and checking lesson plans, I thought about all that other stuff I had tried ƒ?? Welbutrin, the Nicoderm Patch, the Nicorette Gum ƒ?? none of it had worked. Then I noticed something. For the past three hours, I hadnƒ??t had a single cigarette. Unconsciously, while I was grading papers, I had been using my electronic cigarette, instead. I had placed it next to my pack of smokes, and instead of grabbing my cigarettes, I had been picking up and using the e-cig. And I didn’t cough once while I was using it. Remember that morning smoke I mentioned? That was the last cigarette I smoked. August 3rd will be my 6-month anniversary of quitting smoking. In the last 6-months, I have experienced many physical changes. I no longer cough (except when I have a cold). I have more energy and stamina. I can climb the seven floors to my apartment without getting winded by the fourth floor. I can taste my food. When I walk into my apartment, it no longer smells like an ashtray (but now I KNOW when the garbage needs to go out). My complexion has also cleared up (my cheeks are rosy now, instead of a pasty white colour). Also, I’ve lost weight now that I am actually able to exercise (unfortunately, all the money Iƒ??m saving on smoking is going into buying new clothes). And that, ladies and gentlemen, is my story. I have had nothing but positive experiences and benefits from using electronic cigarettes and personal vaporizers. In March of 2014, I will have to renew my Residence Permit. This will involve having a complete medical check-up. It will be interesting to compare my chest X-ray from this medical to the one that I had two years ago.