About RightToVape.org
Right To Vape is an international database and repository. It contains testimonials of adults who have switched from combustible and unsafe oral tobacco products to safer nicotine alternatives.

I smoked cigarettes for 10 years. My habit was between half a pack and a full pack each day. I once purchased nicotine gum to try quitting cigarettes, however, not only did I still crave cigarettes, the gum made my teeth feel highly sensitive and I was fearful of it’s continued use. Using nicotine patches for roughly 3 months, I was once able to quit smoking for about a year. Another year I went smoke-free by drinking a full glass of cold water each time I craved a cigarette. Besides these 2 (separate) occasions, I was a full time cigarette smoker. For christmas 2010, my parents gave me my first electronic cigarette that they had ordered from television. Honestly, I didn’t have high hopes on this method of quitting since I typically don’t believe informercials. I was impressed the first time I used my e-cig, it really did curve my craving for cigarettes. For the next couple of weeks my e-cig was my saviour, that is, until it dried up. I went online to see about ordering refills for my e-cig and discovered other websites advertising other electronic cigarette-like devices. After seeing these mods discussed on various users’ youtube reviews and the ecf (e-cigarette forum), I decided to jump to a longer-lasting, better-designed device. First I purchased some e-liquid, a couple 5 packs of cartomizers and what’s referred to as a passthrough (a device powered by a usb port). Using this combination, I was immediately able to stop smoking in my house around my loved ones. However since I was unable to use a passthrough while on my breaks at work, I continued to smoke cigarettes at my workplace until I could decide which mod I wanted to purchase. After researching reviews of various mods, I purchased a Reo Woodvil in March of 2011. This enabled me to take my vaping to work with me. Granted since that time I’ve purchased other mods, e-liquids and even kits to test for curiosity’s sake, but I have not since that time smoked a real cigarette. My nicotine level is down to 6mg and I believe it to be very possible that I’ll one day be down to zero nic, and eventually even quit altogether. Since I’ve been vaping I’ve informed others around me (with interest of quitting cigarettes) how I’ve succeeded with using e-cigs and many have stories of their own to tell now. I can safely say that becoming a vaper has made me happier than I ever was when I smoked. I don’t stink anymore, my sense of taste and smell are re-established, I get out of bed easier now and most importantly, I don’t endanger the lives of the ones I love. I have absolutely no regrets quitting cigarettes.