About RightToVape.org
Right To Vape is an international database and repository. It contains testimonials of adults who have switched from combustible and unsafe oral tobacco products to safer nicotine alternatives.

I was a 1/2 pack a day smoker for 10 years. I smoked in college, but quit when I got married and had kids. Then after my divorce, I started smoking again. This time, it really got its hooks into me. No one else in my family or friends smoked and it became increasingly expensive and unhealthy. I wanted to quit, but was afraid to. Smoking was my only vice since I had already quit drinking 1 1/2 years prior. I tried nicotine gum, but still craved the hand-to-mouth fixation. Finally, after a bad breakup from a long relationship, I went to the local smoke shop and begged for a smoke-free solution, an E-CIGARETTE (of which I had no information.) The counter guy tossed me a packet of cig-a-likes and barely explained how to use them. It was an awful weekend trying to use them – my neck blew out from the constant struggle to get a puff and I kept having to stop and re-charge the battery. On Sunday, I looked for a vaping store. My local store hooked me up with an eGo and Evod combination. Since that Sunday, 3 months ago, I quit smoking. I have a pack in the freezer just in case but I have no desire to use it. I found ECF and am now officially a vaper with 5 mods, tons of juice and two handfuls of atomizers of all sorts. My health has improved considerably – I can breathe. I have lost 16 lbs. because my appetite has been replaced with vaping. I have more energy and I feel good about myself. Vaping has been the ONLY solution to quit a nasty habit that plagued me for ten years. I am grateful to ECF and the vaping community for helping me learn about all the possibilities out there to quit smoking. I can’t believe how easy it was. I am confident that I will never go back to smoking.