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Right To Vape is an international database and repository. It contains testimonials of adults who have switched from combustible and unsafe oral tobacco products to safer nicotine alternatives.

I had smoked cigarettes for 30 yrs at 1-2 PAD. I am a 43 yr old white male and after having a heart attack and a 2x bypass in may of 2013 i was 6wks nicotine free. But as the medical bills started piling up and i had free time on my hands since i was not allowed to return to work yet the urge to smoke a cigarette increased every day. I knew that this was only the mental habit as i had been nicotine free for 6wks. I caved and bought a pack of cigarettes and was instantly back to my 1-2 PaD routine. I had tried unsuccessfully over the years with different methods to quit. Chantix, welbutrin, nicotine lozenges. After returning to smoking for two weeks and feeling ashamed and very guilty i knew i had to do something. I had contemplated e cigarettes but didnt know enough about them. After finding a ecig thread on one of the truck foru i am a member of i decided to give it a try. While doing research one night i found the Ecig forum and was amazed at the amount of useful info. I also found that there was a new brick &mortar store having a grand opening the very next day near my location. I attended, was directed to products that suited my described needs and have since been tobacco free for two weeks today. I enjoy vaping and the positive community that comes along with it. Everyone has been so supportive of me switching to ecig’s instead of smoking tobacco. i am not even thinking about tobacco and do not think i could stand the taste of a cigarette. I feel this has helped me tremendously. I am currently vaping out of a battery mod with flavored liquid at a nicotine level of 12mg and that is stepped down from 18mg when i started two weeks ago. My cardiologist said i could have nicotine but not through smoking cigarettes. That is the beginning of my success story. Mattnatti Cincinnati, ohio