About RightToVape.org
Right To Vape is an international database and repository. It contains testimonials of adults who have switched from combustible and unsafe oral tobacco products to safer nicotine alternatives.

I picked up my first cigarette at 14 years old while living in CA. I have smoked off and on since. I was on average a pack a day smoker. I never tried nicotine patches or prescription aids such as Chantix (mainly due to the stories of side effects associated with it). I tried cold turkey, SNUS, smokeless tobacco, nothing took hold. I tried vaping about 4 years ago, when devices were still in their early stages and somewhat cost prohibitive and a bit crude and difficult. I went back to smoking unfortunately, mainly because it was more convenient (you can get cigarettes ANYWHERE including Walgreen’s which I think is ironic). I have now been vaping for 2 months with NO analogs (traditional cigarettes) smoked during this time. I have also gotten my mother and brother as well as a couple friends switched to ecigs and vaping. Within these two months I have regained my sense of taste, I no longer feel exhausted from walking a flight of stairs, don’t have smokers cough, can take big full deep breaths with no pain or restriction. I have more energy, I don’t feel weighted down or like I have someone or something sitting on my chest, my hands, clothes, and car don’t stink. I get these same reports from people that I have converted as well. The claim that ecigs and vaping are being passed off as smoking cessation devices is false and many websites make sure to post this on their sites (due to the almighty FDA I’m sure). I only buy eliquid from US vendors who also source ingredients in the US, and ALL my eliquid has the same ingredients; propylene glycol or vegetable glycerin or a mix of both, flavoring, and nicotine (which I am slowly decreasing in strength). The fear that we just don’t know how safe they are is a smokescreen for regulation and a lobbying drive by big tobacco for regulation of a healthier alternative to what they sell and kill with on a massive scale. We know cigarettes kill and cause numerous heath issues and we know that increasing taxes on them has not become a deterrent, nor have the health risks associated with them caused anything even close to resembling a ban. Would I suggest that someone that doesn’t currently smoke start vaping? No! Vaping is not about doing something healthy. It’s about the choice, the option for harm reduction. There are four to five ingredients in eliquid, yet 600 in a cigarette, not to mention the byproducts of inhaling smoke from something that is burning. People try to quit smoking every year, and with all the aids out there, not many succeed (I don’t have actual numbers, but I’m one of those people). Vaping IS a healthier choice and has the potential to save millions of lives of people that would otherwise smoke to their grave. I don’t understand this attack on people and an industry that is simply providing a healthier alternative to their already established habit. What’s next, regulation of anything that bares the organic label simply because it’s a healthier choice? I think the people that are in positions to write and pass bills around should stop taking the reviews of quack doctors, tobacco lobbyist, and apparently slanted research and listen to the people for a change. Listen to their stories, maybe do some real research and publish some real results instead of organizing a witch hunt to combat something that is portrayed as a potential additional threat. You want ecig/eliquid regulation and bans? Then you should also ban cigarettes across the board for their KNOWN risks and cause for disease. What regulation do cigarettes have? Are they only allowed to cause cancer at a certain rate? Are the 600 ingredients REALLY more acceptable than the 4 or 5 in eliquid? I hope more people capable of critical thinking get more involved in this debate at the legislative level as well as more people in the vaping community making their voices heard. That’s my story. Happy Vaping!