About RightToVape.org
Right To Vape is an international database and repository. It contains testimonials of adults who have switched from combustible and unsafe oral tobacco products to safer nicotine alternatives.

Iƒ??ve been a smoker who inhaled a Canadian pack (25 cigs) every single day for the last 17 years. Iƒ??m a (insert swearing word here) French Canadian that spent the last few years touring the states puffing away, one city after the other. It all started when I ended up there, in The Center of the Universeƒ?? The home of Spidermanƒ?? The Big Apple. New York City! Since my girlfriend and I decided to live together for the first time as tour partners, she decided that I couldnƒ??t smoke in the apartment becauseƒ?? wellƒ?? it made her hair smell bad. So I, the clever guy, the guy who loves to smoke, to smoke and to chain smoke before smoking another one, was dedicated to find a way around this. I rapidly noticed that they sold these weird electronic cigarettes pretty much all over the city soƒ?? as Isaac Newton under the apple treeƒ?? Eureka!!! I can now puff away in my apartment while preserving the freshness, the cleanliness of my beloved hairs. Started with the disposables: the Finityƒ?? useless. Letƒ??s try the Eonƒ?? better, the Metroƒ?? bleh, the Njoy kingƒ?? not bad but not it. I had to find something better I was on a Quest. My cigarette smoking diminished enormously by using the disposable e cigarettes, but still smoked. And then I found itƒ?? I found that little shop, in a crappy mini mall in the not so glamorous Jamaica part of Queens, Vape NY. I went in there with a full pack of cigarette in my pocket. I bought an eGo starter kit with crappy clearomizers (still way superior than the disposable e-cigs) and I never had a cigarette since. I am now on my 110 day smoke free (as of the 26 of july 2013), and I am not planning on starting it up again, cigarettes now taste like absolute crap to me and I just like the alternative better. I don’t cough anymore, my lungs don’t hurt anymore in the morning and I don’t smell like a smoker (can’t believe I use to smell like that all the time). What is very important for me to note is that I never planned nor wanted to stop smokingƒ??. But vaping made me stop smoking, painlessly… by accident, almost overnight!