About RightToVape.org
Right To Vape is an international database and repository. It contains testimonials of adults who have switched from combustible and unsafe oral tobacco products to safer nicotine alternatives.

I was a smoker for more than 25 years having tried to quit numerous times with the nicotine gum, patches and even prescription medications all with no success. I stumbled upon electronic cigarettes in early 2009 and have been smoke free since. My switch to electronic cigarettes was quite accidental and life changing for me. I cannot count the improvements to my life since my transition. I suffered from chronic bronchitis for many years. Once I stopped smoking my lung function improved and my doctor was thrilled. The improvements to my health were ƒ??measurableƒ?. My sense of smell and taste returned. My energy level soared and my bronchitis has not returned. My doctor ended up doing some research on e-cigs and concluded they were much safer than smoking. He was also very impressed that I was able to reduce my nicotine level gradually on my own and was very supportive. I honestly feel strongly that switching to electronic cigarettes is one of the best decisions Iƒ??ve made for my health. The anti-smoking movement does not even look at the facts and much of the time bases its comments on junk science or myths. Many times we hear ƒ??it looks like smokingƒ? but that is not reason enough to ban these items nor is the junk science that is often presented. I fully support sales to minor bans for electronic cigarettes just as I would with tobacco cigarettes. I do not however feel that banning sales to adults is in the best interest of the people. The save the children mentality seems to override our own individual rights and freedom. We know cigarette smoking is dangerous yet the product is legal. The money that comes from tobacco is depended upon by many municipalities. There is also big money in the anti-smoking movement that is depended upon by many. Still smokers are demonized while their pockets are pilfered for the tobacco money they provide while their rights are slowly taken away. Electronic cigarettes do not combust or emit smoke. They do not contain tar and the more than 4,000 chemicals found when tobacco cigarettes are combusted. Scientists have been quoted calling them thousands times safer than smoking. Judge Leon also ruled that the FDA cannot treat these as drug delivery devices and that they should be treated like tobacco cigarettes. Regarding the flavor issue, I personally do not use tobacco flavors and prefer a fruit flavor for my electronic cigarette. I find it very hypocritical to talk about limiting flavor options for adults when I can purchase alcoholic beverages in a myriad of flavors including cookie dough and whipped cream. Adults like flavors and part of what kept me away from cigarettes was being able to find a flavor that suits me. Just as nicotine gum is offered in flavors I would expect electronic cigarettes to also have different flavor choices. Adults do like flavors and this product is meant for adults just as flavored alcoholic beverages are offered. The hypocrisy needs to end. I have recently celebrated 4 years smoke free thanks to my transition to electronic cigarettes. I am also using a very low amount of nicotine and have NO desire to smoke ever again. Iƒ??ve been able to lose about 30 pounds and am proud to have become smoke-free. Taking these choices away from adult smokers would be a disservice to the public. Thank you, Laurel Oƒ??Neill Nokomis, FL