About RightToVape.org
Right To Vape is an international database and repository. It contains testimonials of adults who have switched from combustible and unsafe oral tobacco products to safer nicotine alternatives.

My Story Let’s start with the basics: I am 53 years of age and I started smoking when I was 16 years old. I have been smoking for more than half my life. My husband suggested looking into e-cigs for when we travel. There was a major airline delay, while we were sitting on the plane, on one of our trips. I was pretty antsy for a cigarette, to put it mildly. He has seen me try to quit many times in many ways, all unsuccessful. I’ve tried cold turkey, hypnosis, acupuncture, the nicotine patch, the patch with wellbutrine and the gum. So I Googled e-cigs (Electronic Cigarettes) and everything led me to ECF (E-Cigarette Forum). I started reading…… For weeks I would spend hours and hours reading and researching. I read what is in the liquid, and possible benefits of vaping (term used in place of smoking since we are no longer putting a flame to anything combustible). I read about success stories and thought maybe I could be one. I finally decided on an e-cig that was not ‘top of the line’ yet not cig-a-like. I didn’t think it would work, nothing ever did before right?!? I got a middle of the road kit to at least give it a fair chance. The day it arrived, September 6, 2012, I remember being so scared of taking that first hit. Finally I managed to bring it to my mouth and take my first puff. I was sitting in front of my computer with multiple tabs opened with YouTube (to find out what to do with this) and ECF up in my browser. I can only imagine the look on my face Oh my God! This is pretty good! I immediately cut back from a pack a day to just 6 cigarettes and progressed slowly down from there. I had a carton of cigarettes in my refrigerator and after finding e-cigs, I swore that after I finished that carton, I wouldn’t buy anymore. I didn’t have any time frame in mind. No pressure, no set date. One month later, October 5, 2012, I was cigarette free. There were 7 packs still in that carton when I threw them out before making the move to Florida back in February. What helped to keep me from picking up a cigarette and smoking it and what made the switch almost painless? The liquid. It was so much better tasting than a cigarette, I wanted to smoke less because of that. I’m also able to tailor my liquid to what I need to stay off of cigarettes. If it wasn’t for the different flavors to make it interesting, I might not have stayed off cigarettes. When I started, I started at 24mg and 18mg of nicotine. It was the perfect fit for me. I can also choose lower and have done so as my body tells me that it’s time to go lower. I am now down to 9mg of nicotine and it has been quite easy for me to do, in stages, on my terms. I figured I would die a smoker. Period. It has now been 9 months smoke free and counting. I’m now past my previous longest quit.. There is a fact that no one knows, till now. My last cigarette quit….I cheated and smoked here and there. I have not had 1 cigarette since October 5, 2012. I still won’t celebrate until I hit a year mark. That is coming up quickly. I do believe that if e-cigs were NOT available, I would be one of the ones that would go back to smoking. Even though I have lowered my nicotine, I will always use the e-cig to keep me from going back to smoking. I have told my husband and he concurs, even if I ever get to zero nicotine, I will continue to use the e-cig. After a 30+ year habit of hand to mouth that is so ingrained in me, I would be morbidly obese if I didn’t either have an e-cig or smoking. Thank you for reading. Robin