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Right To Vape is an international database and repository. It contains testimonials of adults who have switched from combustible and unsafe oral tobacco products to safer nicotine alternatives.

I am a 54yr old female who has been smoking since I was 15yrs old. Looks like its been about 40yrs with a 2pk a day habit… I have tried various forms of smoking cessation, nicotine patch, Chantix, and numerous others. I have been hospitalized with blocked carteroid arteries on both sides and surgery to remove the blockage on one side. I’ve had the usual smoker’s cough, hacking in the morning, out of breath, breathing issues, that all smokers experience. I was told I would end up in the hospital again if I did not quit smoking. I was truly afraid and stopped for about 2wks before I was back to smoking again. During my entire time of smoking, I have only truly quit a period of about 3mo. one time. To say my family believed I would never quit is an understatement. My daughter (who was a smoker too) was diagnosed with Grade IV breast cancer. When I went to her home to stay with her a few months while she started chemo, I agreed to try the same e-cigarette brand she did to try and quit smoking. She had already quit and really did not need someone smoking around her. I purchased the eGo C vaporizer system and never looked back. I had used the smaller disposable vaporizers before and just could not get satisfied or confident in them. I am using a 24mg eliquid now that I started on and hope to decrease that to 16mg soon. When I started using the e-cig, there were a few stressful times that I thought I wanted a cigarette. I had just purchased a carton and had several packs in my suitcase. I would go outside and light one up and find I could not finish it. The smoke was horrible! It was burning my throat, and tasted awful. I could not believe it. Since I started with my eGo, I may have smoked (or tried) smoking approx. 6 cigarettes. I am done with them now and do not want to go back. My clothes, my house and I smell so much better without the smoke. That was the first thing I noticed after quitting. I opened my suitcase and the clothes smelled horrible! I am so happy now knowing I am healthier, can breathe now, the coughing stopped the first week! I can taste better and in general just feel better about myself. All of this and the advantage of saving over $300. a month, this is too good to be true! I was only able to do this knowing I could replenish my supplies on a regular basis knowing I would not run out and be in the position to have to resort to smoking again. The online retailers make this possible for me. Right now, there is only one retailer in the state of NH. If I need supplies and could not drive or go the distance, I don’t believe I could have made it this far… I am the type I always bought my cigarettes by the carton insuring I had enough to last. Nicotine is like my security blanket right now, without it readily available to stock up on, just really makes me anxious to even think about. I have been smoke free for approximately 6mo now and only have plans to continue my life this way.