About RightToVape.org
Right To Vape is an international database and repository. It contains testimonials of adults who have switched from combustible and unsafe oral tobacco products to safer nicotine alternatives.

Hello, my name is Ev Duart. I smoked for 14 years. For almost that entire time, I thought quitting would be next to impossible. Cravings hit me constantly. Finally one day my brother introduces me to an electronic cigarette. I immediately thought that this product would not work for me, but I gave it a try and I was SHOCKED at how effective it was. I immediately went online to begin research. Within a week I had my very own ecig. It was new and exciting to REALISTICLY envision myself as a non-smoker. The very thought of it was invigorating. The effectiveness of the ecig gave me the confidence I needed to quit. It wasnƒ??t incredibly easy at first because my mind was trained to want burning tobacco smoke to keep cravings at bay; and also because I didnƒ??t have the proper dosage- my ecig nicotine % was too low. Once I increased to the level of nicotine I craved, my body was receiving the nicotine it desired. All without any harmful smoke. Moreover, my body was receiving nicotine in a manner it was used to: inhalation. So the chemical dependency was met combined with the physical hand-to-mouth habit. This combination of attributes is what makes ecigs so effective. It was just a matter of time before I viewed cigarettes the same way as someone who never smoked does: downright awful. Without the aid of e-cigarettes, I’d still be on a one-way train to Cancertown. I am convinced that e-cigarettes have saved my life. And they can save yours and your loved ones’ lives too if you give them the chance. I have been proudly smoke-free for almost two full years. It feels GREAT! My mind has a huge sense of accomplishment and my body never felt better. I can ride my bike 30 miles now, without a break, in under 2 hours. I was lucky to complete 5 miles in 45 minutes while I was a smoker. Not to mention the fact that I had little motivation to ride because of how bad of shape my lungs were in. I would get severely lightheaded due to the lack of oxygen hitting my brain, and I would have to take constant breaks. Now, thereƒ??s none of that. Not the slightest whisper of a clogged lung. Many areas of my life have improved DRAMATICALLY since ecigs have entered my life. It could be viewed that I owe my life to ecigs, because without them, tobacco had a death grip on me. I was scared to try Chantix because of the horrid side effects. Not to mention there was no physical ritual associated with Chantix, nicotine patches, or any of the other readily-available non-smoking aids. The physical hand-to-mouth ritual is INSTRUMENTAL in quitting. Biting on straws and pens is not going to cut it. Smokers need nicotine, and they need it in a medium that works for them. Ecigs are the answer, plain and simple. They just WORK. Sincerely, Ev Duart