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Right To Vape is an international database and repository. It contains testimonials of adults who have switched from combustible and unsafe oral tobacco products to safer nicotine alternatives.

Ex-smoker of 42 years here, survived cancer 3 times. I’d tried every method available to stop smoking: gums, patches, hypnosis, wellbutrin, cold turkey, acupuncture, sound therapy, chantix, prayer, meditation, working out, stern warnings (during mandibular osteomylytis) that my jaw would have to be re-sected if I didn’t stop smoking, the works! I could stop but I couldn’t stay stopped.Five short months ago (January 2013) I tried my first e-cig from a packet a friend left for me Here, try it out if you want to. I freely admit that for the first week I walked past that e-cig kit many times a day, sneering at it, ignoring it, telling it to go away & how dare you give me hope to quit smoking, just like all the other methods I’ve failed miserably at. The fateful day arrived & I decided to just _try_ it. I loaded the e-cig with Volcano’s Blue Water Punch flavor, packed my regular cigs & off I went to visit a friend. I did them side by side & to my astonishment discovered that by the time I was driving Home (3 hours later) I was reaching for the e-cig NOT the real cigarette! Now I was really in trouble – it was a saturday, getting dark fast & I didn’t know how/where specifically to get my own gear & flavors! Luckily my friend left a card for the Vaporium near the e-cig kit; I called to be sure they were open & high-tailed it to Lakewood! I entered The Vaporium a fresh-faced newbie and left knowing so very much more about my new-found lifeline, all set-up with my own mods (ego twist), juices (began at 18mg nic am now down to 10mg), charger & tanks(the pretty CE-4 cheapos); ready to face the inevitable cravings. I tried one more cigarette that night, I took 2 puffs then put it out in disgust & haven’t smoked since, period. I showed a friend 5 days later & he said I want that! so I gave him directions to The Vaporium, he later called to thank me. There are 7 people that I can link directly to my quit & walking them through their own. I no longer struggle for breath, can walk distances & up stairs, my hair, skin, clothes, home, car no longer STINK of cigarettes. I don’t have to go outside to acquire nicotine or wash my hands before touching an animal or child. If I get in a stressful situation I just up my nicotine by adding a higher nic level juice to my vaporizer. I’m able to combat my constant craving for sugar by vaping sweet juices & have cut sugar consumption by 75%. My skin, eyes & hair sparkle, my breath smells delightful! One of my friends, a retired physician, is convinced that I’ve done something other than just quit smoking. Today I am a MIRACLE, living a life I’d never imagined, without cigarettes. I am SO grateful to our fore-Vapers who hung in there, continued researching & creating new user-friendly methods of nicotine acquisition; so this particular jackass could get FREE from the poisonous addiction that was, by my own hand, killing me. The ONLY drawback I’ve come across is not being able to chase flying insects away from myself with cigarette smoke. I can live with that! I’ve been welcomed into a community who share the survival of a common peril, much like another group of life-changing survivors I belong to, Alcoholics Anonymous. Open arms, smiling faces & the common good are our focus now; sharing our stories & welcoming others to hop on board!