About RightToVape.org
Right To Vape is an international database and repository. It contains testimonials of adults who have switched from combustible and unsafe oral tobacco products to safer nicotine alternatives.

I was a cigarette smoker for 37 years. I smoked one and a half packages of cigarettes daily. Three and a half years ago I was finally disgusted enough with my deteriorating health due to smoking related illnesses that I searched a final time for something that would help me quit and stay off cigarettes. Over the past 11 years I have tried pretty much every stop smoking program out there. I tried laser therapy….lasted 2 weeks and back to smoking. Tried Nicotine Replacement patches….every brand available….lasted about 3 weeks but stopped because the rashes from the patches were causing too much pain and discomfort. I tried acupunture twice where they actually put some kind of metal in your ear and leave it there and you press on it every time you get a craving….lasted 3 weeks and then a bad infection set in both times and getting the metal removed was very painful!! Tried Champix for a few weeks but the nightmares and depression were terrible and I wasn’t getting enough sleep to be able to function at work so back to smoking. I tried the nictorette inhaler but it really choked me up, so back to smoking. By this time I had a constant smokers cough that was so bad I would on occasion vomit from choking on the stuff coming out of my lungs. I had a really hard time catching my breath with just small amounts of physical activity. Every time I coughed as hard as I had to….which was all the time….I would pee my pants! I was also using steroid puffers and rescue inhalers for my asthma, and yup…..depends undergarments for the peeing problem. My chest x-rays showed problems with my lungs and my doctor kept telling me I needed to quit smoking, but what else was there to help me???? I didn’t know where to turn. Then one late night, I was surfing the internet and stumbled across an ad about e-cigarettes….I had never heard of them and being curious I clicked on the ad and things have never been the same since then! I did a lot of research about them, was able to find suppliers, and made my first order. I started out with a Joye E-Tech 510 starter kit and some nicotine e-juice. I was skeptical….nothing else had worked for me so far….but you should never stop trying to quit they say….so I gave it a good try. Much to my astonishment, as soon as I started vaping my e-cig, I had ZERO craving for a tobacco cigarette. It was so easy and such a smooth transition I couldn’t believe it! I wondered if it would last or if something would change and I’d fall back to the very things destroying my health….tobacco…..and it never happened! After just a few weeks I noticed my coughing was really decreasing. After a month it was almost completely gone. Two months later I didn’t have a cough at all…..and major bonus…..No more puffers of any kind…..and no more depends pads for incontinence! I had more energy and was able to do a lot more physically without running out of breath. I was so stoked about my experience, I gave my son and his wife a kit for Christmas that year. My daughter in law used the electronic cigarette to comp get off smoking, and to this day she doesn’t smoke anything. My son is still using his e-cig and is so happy to be off tobacco. He enjoys using his e-cig and is able to use the lowest level of nicotine juice, as do I. My family doctor is very pleased at how my health has blossomed since switching to e-cigs. I was worried that when I quit the tobacco, I would eat like a piggy and gain a ton of weight, but thanks to the many flavors of nicotine juice available, I was able to vape candy and other sweets flavors that satisfied my desire for comfort food without the bad side-effect of weight gain. What is not to love about something like this? I know that electronic cigarettes have saved my life and health. I live in my body so I sure know how great I feel now that I am tobacco free! I have a wide array of e-cig types in my possession….a Silver Bullet mod, Joye Tech Ego Kits, etc. I would be devastated to not be able to buy supplies for vaping given that it has saved me from early death I am sure. It is frustrating to go to a favorite e-cig website and find that they are no longer allowed to ship to my country, and that I have to start searching all over again for suppliers who can build a delectable tasting nicotine e-juice. I am a vaper for life….No Matter What It Takes! There is simply No Downside to it….except what the governments are trying to do!