About RightToVape.org
Right To Vape is an international database and repository. It contains testimonials of adults who have switched from combustible and unsafe oral tobacco products to safer nicotine alternatives.

My name is David and I had my first cigarette at the age of ten. It has been 22 days and 11 hours since my last tobacco cigarette. I am 43 years old and as long as I can have unfettered access to affordable, available and diverse choices in e-cigarettes I will never, ever touch another tobacco cigarette again. I’ve attempted to stop smoking cigarettes before. Once it wasn’t even my choice. When I entered basic training, they kind of frowned on tobacco possession altogether in boot camp. Know what the first thing I did when I graduated was? You bet. I had a pitcher of beer and a pack of cigarettes. I dodn’t want to do pills, patches, or any other things prescribed by a doctor. Like a lot people, I have seen the popular Blu e-cigarette. I saw them in the tobacco shop on one of my biweekly stops to spend about $130 on the tobacco supply for my wife and I. The desire to quit has been in me for some time and I saw an opportunity to try something new. I bought a disposable Blu and was pleasantly surprised at the flavor and the fact that it utterly satisfied my immediate need for nicotine. I quickly became restive with limited choices and decided to see what was out there beyond what I used to drop tobacco abruptly and altogether. Since then my inherent curiosity and thirst for all things that interest me led me to the incredibly diverse and vibrant world of cigalikes, Personal Vaporizers and Advanced Personal Vaporizers. I’ve even begun to make my own e-liquid, or juice at home. This is a wonderful outgrowth of my love of cooking as making it is so parallel to cooking. It’s finding that blend of flavor that is just perfect. I currently use what is likely the most ubiquitous eGo e-cigarettes made by Joyetech. The change I have undergone is stark and amazing. Smoking was just smoking. It was something I did to satisfy a physiological and habitual addiction. Nothing is the same anymore. E-cigarettes have opened up for me a world of gadgets, flavors, people and something to be immensely proud of. I’m not committing suicide for about $9 a day feeding a revenous industry that is the only one that systematically kills its customers. I’m exercising now. I live at the edge of a wonderful desert preserve in Central Phoenix that has some amazing hiking trails and diverse wildlife. I’ve lived next to it for thirteen years and am exploring it more and more for the first time. I can breathe like I haven’t been able to since I was much younger. I’ve painted the inside of my home and washed every stitch of cloth in my home and am no longer embarrassed or afraid to bring non smokers into it. My parents quit smoking when they were in their late thirties. Both of them are alive today in their eighties and quite well and very sharp for their age. They are perhaps more proud than anyone. My name is David Albert Desrosiers and as long as I can have what I can have now, I will never smoke another cigarette, or touch tobacco again.