About RightToVape.org
Right To Vape is an international database and repository. It contains testimonials of adults who have switched from combustible and unsafe oral tobacco products to safer nicotine alternatives.

I started vaping almost 6 months ago after 20 years of smoking on average a pack a day. I started vaping 12mg juice, but now have dropped to 6mg-10mg, depending on time of day, stress level and craving for a tobacco cigarette. I plan to keep reducing my nicotine over time. I have not had a tobacco cigarette since I picked up my first e cigarette kit. I have no desire to start smoking again, although I still have some cravings to contend with during times of high stress. I started smoking at age 15. I quickly became hooked. By my early 20’s I was smoking almost 2 packs a day. I had tried to quit already by this point, several times – never having more than 6 months success before falling back into it. I have tried Zyban twice, with no long term success. I found the side effect of feeling spaced out and forgetful to be pretty unsettling and potentially dangerous during certain activities. I tried Champix once. I didn’t make it past a few weeks of treatment. While it did reduce my smoking to nil, the horrible, soul crushing depression I had while on it was unbearable. I was actually afraid I would harm myself. Within 2 weeks of stopping this medication, I began to feel more like myself, although by then this particular depressive episode had affected my marriage and life negatively. I have also tried acupuncture/acupressure, cold turkey and hypnotherapy (which I was able to be successful for a 6 month period with). I have tried the gum, the patch and the inhaler. All of which either did not alleviate the craving, or provided too much nicotine and caused nausea. At any dose, using the patch for 24hrs a day caused awful night terrors, so I never slept with one on. I never was able to find my right dose on NRT, falling between the 14mg and 21mg dosage, even when going to the measure of cutting my 21 mg patches smaller to help reduce nausea. I was never able to remain smoke free for more than a few weeks on NRT products. Since I have given up tobacco in lieu of e cigarettes, I have noticed a major improvement in respiratory function, energy, allergies, sinus congestion, oral health and physical stamina. I am also proud of myself, and know that this time I have quit tobacco for good, despite still using nicotine (albeit a lower dose). I figure a 20 year addiction cannot be reversed overnight, and I am ok with taking my time to wean off nicotine. My family physician is supportive of my decision too. As a former health care professional (on sick leave currently), I accept that e cigarette use is not without risk, but I feel that this risk is acceptable given my alternative which was to keep on with the cycle of smoking and trying to quit. I am so happy I decided to try this. It’s changed my life for the better.