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Right To Vape is an international database and repository. It contains testimonials of adults who have switched from combustible and unsafe oral tobacco products to safer nicotine alternatives.

I started smoking at the age of 18. At the age of 23, I quit for 2 yrs, I used hyponosis to quit, but returned again after having several of life’s tragedies put a significant amount of stress on me. ( father attempted suicide etc. ) from age 25 to age 38, I continued to smoke until my husband was diagnosed with stage 4 throat cancer from years of tobacco use ( cigarettes and oral tobacco )he was 37 yrs old. I went cold turkey the day he was diagnosed. My husband lost his battle with cancer at the age of 42. I was able to continue to be tobacco free until another of lifes tragedies struck again, my mother passed away. So at age 46 I was smoking again. My children were so upset with me, but not more upset then I was with myself. I felt a failure. For the next 3yrs I continued to use cigarettes always wanting to quit again, but not being able to. I got a prescription for Chantix, I spent 150 dollars with my co-pay, but never took it for fear of it’s side affects, depression and suicide run in my family. I tried Nicorette gum with no success. So I lived with the feeling of being a failure, dealing with the comments from others on how I should quit, how bad it was, how bad it smelled. I had a cough throughout the day, spending an hour in the morning coughing up phlegm. Then coughing on and off all day. I could hear my self wheeze in my chest at night when I laid down in bed. I meet a wonderful man whom I became engaged to. He is a non smoker, never having tried it even once in his life. He gently encouraged me to quit throughout our 3 yrs together. He lost his father at an early age from lung cancer, a smoker from the age of 12. My fiance’s main reason for requesting that I quit being that he wants us to have a long life together. My children’s reason is the same, they do not want to lose another parent. I woke up the morning of March 23rd, 2013 with no specific plans. I started doing some research online about e cigarettes and saw that there was a brick and mortar e cigarette store 30 miles from my house. I got in my car, and drove there. I explained to the employee in the shop what my current smoking habits were and what I smoked. I purchased an Ego T kit with 30mls of ejuice in the closest flavor to my cigarette brand at 24mg/ml strength. I have now been cigarette free for 9 wks. Never having had one single cigarette since I walked out of that shop. I have no desire whatsoever to have a regular cigarette. I have lowered my nicotine level now to 12mg/ml, and have gone on to use flavored ejuice, nothing close to my original cigarette flavor.I plan on decreasing the nicotine gradually to zero. I no longer cough, my lungs are clear. I no longer wheeze at night. I do not get short of breath on exertion. I have made my children happy, my fianc?? happy, but most important of all, I am happy!!! I am no longer a failure at quitting cigarettes, I was able to find a method of getting off cigarettes that was successful and one that has much lower risk then a drug that could cause me to possibly do harm to myself. And I enjoy the process. Vaping is truly a way to quit smoking combustible tobacco. My children are much more accepting of my vaping as well as my fianc??, they understand how greatly I have reduced my health risks using this method to gradually decrease my nicotine addiction. Everyone has that moment when they decide to quit. I am so thankful that vaping/ e cigarettes were available to me at my moment.