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Right To Vape is an international database and repository. It contains testimonials of adults who have switched from combustible and unsafe oral tobacco products to safer nicotine alternatives.

I tried to quit smoking so many times. I tried everything. The patches, gum, lozenges, hypnosis, acupuncture, Chantix, nothing worked at least not long term. I would use patches for 3 months but as soon as I quit using them I was back to smoking. The gum & lozenges didn’t work at all for me & I really didn’t like either of them. The chantix made me feel unstable & weird plus gave me terrible nightmares. The acupuncture lasted a week & the hypnosis lasted about 8 hours. The last 3 years of my smoking I was desperate, I hated smoking. I happened to see an advertisement for a free ecig online. I ordered it & was surprised that it seemed like it would work for me if it just gave me more vapor. I then bought one at a Kiosk in the mall & I was so impressed. It gave me a throat hit & the vapor I wanted. I switched over to it in one day. I use to smoke a pack of Marlboro reds a day.I have never smoked a cigarette since I started these. The ecigs were a miracle for me. I think the fact that ecigs give you that hand to mouth ritual is what really helped. I started out with 24mg nicotine juice. Over time I have gone down to 12mg & hope to get to 6mg by June of this year. The 1st thing switching to ecigs helped was my constant cough & hacking! I’m not exaggerating it was like every 3 minutes & would last a good 15 seconds. My Hubby & I quit going to movies & it was embarrassing to go out to dinner & to other ppls houses for parties. People would ask me Are you ok?, Do you need some water?, Oh are you sick? Do you have a cold? It was just really getting to the point I just didn’t want to be around people. All my family constantly nagged me to quit. So after a week I noticed my coughing had cut way down. As time went on it became just a occasional cough, nothing special. I can’t tell you how that improved my life. The next things I noticed was how well I was sleeping, then how much farther I could walk up our hills by our house & I didn’t stink anymore. My car didn’t stink as I cleaned it out really well. I was breathing so much better it was just amazing to me. It will be 2 yrs for me in June & I still can’t believe after 42 yrs I finally quit those stinky smokes. My Dr. did a blow test on me this year & was surprised & told me he couldn’t even tell I was a smoker by the good results. I also had a chest x-ray & the same thing, it looked great! I tried so many things to quit my family had lost hope that I ever would. They are very happy now, well most are. I hope this story helps someone & I pray that ecigs are not banned or taxed like cigarettes because they really help people like me. Kimberlee Metz Ventura, CA