About RightToVape.org
Right To Vape is an international database and repository. It contains testimonials of adults who have switched from combustible and unsafe oral tobacco products to safer nicotine alternatives.

At the age of twelve i had my first cigarette, by 16 i was a regular smoker. At 18 i was told to stop due to having a mild allergy to smoke yet i continued smoking. in December 2012 i ordered my first ecig in the form of a disposable with the sole intent of using it at work so i wouldn’t have to waste time going out for smoke breaks. By late January early February i made the decision to order two starter kits, a cigalike and an ego. My intention was still to not quit smoking but i was really getting interested in the world of vaping. I’ve bought advanced personal vaporizers since then and a multitude of ejuice’s and smoked and vapor for around three months. It cut back roughly 50 percent of the cigarettes i was smoking so i was happy. I liked smoking and really didn’t want to quit. I had tried three times before to quit. First with a nicotine gum which went out the window in a few days. Second try was cold turkey and i lasted 3 weeks, my longest attempt ever. I was young and stupid and went out to a party and i was back smoking again just like that. Third try was with a prescription drug called zyban. I had to give up on zyban after three weeks, even though i had cut the doses in half it was making me feel jittery and giving me very bad nightmares, in short it scared me. Then 16 days ago shortly after my 34th birthday i smoked my last cigarette on my way home from work and didn’t bother to stop and get another pack. I got up the next day and didn’t want one so i didn’t go to the store again. 16 days later and i still don’t want one. I sometimes get an idea in my head that it’s time for a smoke but then i remember i don’t anymore. It’s not a craving just a habitual thing. I think that most people had me pegged to never quit and I was one of them. I never intended to, it just sort of happened. I realized that i enjoyed vaping much more than smoking and I’ve been feeling better and better ever since. I can smell better, I can taste better, i breath better, i don’t smell bad anymore and other than the odd time my brain says it’s smoke time i haven’t even craved them. No mood swings or any of the other normal side effects with quitting. I don’t pretend to know what the long term effects of vaping are but i can say that so far there has been no downside for me at all. I’ve even dropped from 18mg to 12mg already. Will i eventually quit it all, maybe, but for now i’m just ecstatic to have been able to quit a habit i never thought i would be able to quit.