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Right To Vape is an international database and repository. It contains testimonials of adults who have switched from combustible and unsafe oral tobacco products to safer nicotine alternatives.

I had smoked cigarettes since I was 17, and over the last 26 years I’ve tried to quit smoking using several different options. (the dates may be off a little) First let me explain, I don’t take prescription drugs, or over the counter drugs hardly at all, so generally if there’s a side effect I’m going to feel it. First about 16 years ago I tried to quit using Zyban, I had to quit taking zyban though due to the side effect of it making me jerk awake numerous times during the evening. After I quit using Zyban I continued not smoking until a very stressful time at work, then needed the nicotine to offset the stress. I tried again approximately 5 years ago using a nicotine inhaler + patch combination, this worked for approximately 6 months – my hubby kept asking me how I was doing (not smoking) and my response was constantly don’t ask. Until finally I admitted to sneaking cigarettes, at that point he asked me where mine were hidden – after I told him he took me outside where his were hidden in the BBQ grill. About 3 years ago I tried to quit using Chantix, I was only able to quit a couple of days before I started throwing up in rush hour traffic – that was the end of that attempt and at that point I got a mental picture of myself as a little old lady on oxygen still trying to sneak cigarettes, I could see it. I wasn’t ever going to quit…Then 2 years ago a friend of mine started talking about electronic cigarettes, and how they had helped him quit smoking – at that time he was going on 2 months w/out a cig, then believe it or not, I was watching David Letterman and saw Katherine Heigl using an electronic cigarette. I thought, well why not, I’ll give it another try. So, for my hubby’s birthday we bought a large bloog kit enough for 2 people – for A DAY after getting them in the mail I smoked & used that – then the following day I quit smoking all together!!!!! I quit smoking on 3/16/2011 only 3 days after my hubby’s birthday! This is the 1st time in the past 24 years of smoking that a) I’ve quit for any period of time and b) that I don’t see myself smoking ever again. Over the past 2 years we went from 24mg nicotine down to zero, back up to 12mg, I stay between 10 – 12 now and vape using a variety of devices. I’ve gone from little e-cigs to shan mod, to big battery mods, VV / VW whatever – now the device has become a hobby, I enjoy immensely. I’ve met so many friends through vaping 😉 And, I’ve tried to convince everyone I know that smokes to quit using e-cigs as well 🙂