About RightToVape.org
Right To Vape is an international database and repository. It contains testimonials of adults who have switched from combustible and unsafe oral tobacco products to safer nicotine alternatives.

Quitting smoking was something that was always at the back of my mind, but unfortunately I was addicted to cigarettes. The worst part was…I liked it. I loved smoking. It was my vice, it was my crutch, and eventually I knew would be my death. Bitter-sweet. Well, eventually I discovered E-Cigarettes. I had seen them at gas stations and the like before, but never really gave them a second glance. I just bought my pack of cigarettes and headed out. Me and my wife went on a little vacation out of town, and the whole trip there we had to stop and smoke randomly (we have a child and do not smoke around her). This got really old I found, and was determined to find a way to quit when I returned home from the trip. As it turns out, I had some money left over from the trip. I began researching online and found E-Cigarettes again. I figured, what the heck, and bought some of the cig-a-like looking ones online. They came in and we used them and they worked! I used the ones that were 18mg of nicotine. As soon as I started with them, I have never smoked another cigarette. I was a pack-a-day smoker for 6 years. These cig-a-like style cigarettes did not last me long however. I found that the batteries were very insufficient for when I went out (normally I’d have a pack of cigarettes). I began searching online again. I found a forum and the people on this forum helped me out and introduced me to what they called mods and atomizers and e-liquid and all kinds of crazy stuff I had never heard of. So, I decided to learn all I could about it before I jumped in and tried it. Now it is 4 months later (still haven’t had a cigarette), and I have several mods and atomizers and e-liquids and I am helping others like they helped me. Quitting smoking was easy with these things. The battery life lasts me all day, I can still enjoy the act of smoking, and I can now go up a flight of stairs without running out of breath. My health has increased dramatically since I started vaping (as they like to call it on the internet). My stamina/endurance is greater by leaps and bounds. I can now TASTE and SMELL (sometimes the smell part I could deal without..)…you may think you can taste and smell even though you’re smoking, but trust me…you can’t. Not until you quit can you realize how muted both of those senses actually are. I had no idea either. My lung capacity feels bigger when I’m swimming. Shortness of breath is gone. I feel like a whole different person! Honestly, and I’ll stop here since this is getting long, if you were like me and enjoyed smoking but hated killing yourself (and that’s exactly what we are/were doing), then I can’t recommend doing some solid research on E-Cigarettes. They literally changed my life. There is an abundance of people that can help you out on a plethora of forums on the internet. Just do a search for Electronic Cigarette Forum and several will come up with people that will bend over backwards to keep you off of cigarettes. The most important thing I leave you with is this: You can’t quit, unless you WANT to. Electronic Cigarettes will make it easier for you, but YOU are the ultimate factor in your success. Good Luck, -Danny