About RightToVape.org
Right To Vape is an international database and repository. It contains testimonials of adults who have switched from combustible and unsafe oral tobacco products to safer nicotine alternatives.

My name is Joshua and I’ve been a smoker for over ten years. I’ve tried using the patch, snus, and even hypnosis in the failed attempts to quit smoking. I was up to over one full pack of cigarettes per day. I have had many family members die from complications due to smoking. I always knew in the back of my head that I needed to quit, but this seemed impossible. I can now say that I am smoke free for almost six months. A friend of mine let me borrow an ego battery ecigarette to try. I told myself that I would take it to work for just ONE day, while leaving my smokes at home. I would struggle through the day no matter what…and if I needed a cigarette…I would have to wait until I got home. 6 months later…and I still have that same pack of cigarettes. From day one, I have not had a single analog cigarette. At this point, even the idea of a regular smoke makes me sick. I started smoking at the 24mg dosage. Two months later I dropped to 18mg. I’m now between 12mg and 14mg. HEALTH!!!!! From my very first week…I stopped weezing in while laying in bed. 6months later…I have lost almost 20lbs, I can breath better, I sleep easier/heavier, I can taste food again, I started working out (not because I had to, but I had to find somewhere to place my new energy I had). Even my skin looks healthier. I don’t smell anymore, no risk of burning my cloths or the interior of my car. No bad breath. I’ve since gotten my mother who’s almost 50 and has been smoking since she was 15, to switch to ecigarettes. She is going on one month…and not a SINGLE analog cigarette…and she echos my same feelings about her health. Two weeks ago, she went online with my grandparents and ordered them their own starter kits. They have been smoking since the 1950’s. They both have less than 20% lung capacity, one has copd, both have numerous other issues due to smoking…and they have both stopped smoking for two weeks now. It’s not only that we’ve been able to stop…but it’s how relatively easy it was to leave analog cigs alone. And that comes from three generations of smokers. If you take away online purchasing, and or ban ecigs all together, you will KILL my family. Please allow us the choice of a more safe alternative to cigarettes. If ecigs are banned, we will be forced to smoke again. AND YOUR ACTIONS WILL MURDER ME AND MY FAMILY. I apologize for the harsh words, but this is not voting for raising taxes or building a stadium…this is life and death…please understand this. Allow us the choice to live, I choose life and so should you. Thanks, -Joshua Schuster