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Right To Vape is an international database and repository. It contains testimonials of adults who have switched from combustible and unsafe oral tobacco products to safer nicotine alternatives.

In 2009, I quit drinking (I was a Wineaux), lost 30 pounds, tried to quit smoking, got depressed, doctor prescribed anti-depressants. The depression worsened and I gained 40 pounds; and when I found myself seriously thinking about driving off a bridge, I just said screw it! I weaned off the anti-depressants (with my doctorƒ??s supervision) and bought a pack of smokes. I lost 50! pounds (didn’t start drinking again). A few months later, when my mom asked if I felt better because I was smoking again, I said Yes…so which do you want? The above is an edited post I made a some time ago on an e-cigarette forum. I was a 2+ pack a day smoker for the last 30 years. Iƒ??ve tried numerous times to quit. Iƒ??ve tried cold-turkey, the gum, the patches and Zyban (Welbutrin). I was not a candidate for Chantix. The longest I was able to quit was 6 months. Awhile back, I saw an ad for an electronic cigarette. It was along the lines of a Blu and I gave it a try. While it wasnƒ??t ideal, it seemed to satisfy my need for the ƒ??ritualƒ? of smoking but more importantly, it satisfied the craving for nicotine. I then moved a brand that allowed me to refill the cartridges with an eliquid of my choice. By this time, I had gone from 2 packs a day to less than 5 cigarettes a day. Within weeks, I switched to a 320 mAh 808 model with a clearomizer. I was then able to give up all but the first two morning cigarettes. At the time, I was using eliquid that contained 80% PG/20% VG with a nicotine level of 1.8%. I bought a bottle of eliquid that contained 2.4% nicotine and used that in the mornings, and was able to give up those morning cigarettes. I now use an eGo-C Twist (900 mAh) and a Vison Spinner (1300 mAh), both variable voltage, with various types of tank systems. Iƒ??m still using 80/20 pg/vg and 1.8mg. I still have the little bottle of higher nicotine eliquid, but find I am using it less and less. As of this writing: I have been smoke free for 90 days. I have NOT smoked 4,950 cigarettes. I have NOT PAYED $1, 489.95 to the cigarette companies and the government. I have SAVED $576.74, not to mention, more than likely, my life. My home and my clothes (and my dog, for peteƒ??s sake!) no longer stink of cigarette smoke. I sleep better. My ability to taste and smell has returned. Because Iƒ??m breathing better, I have more energy. I have not suffered the crippling depression that occurred while using the patches and the Zyban. I have suffered no ill effects from using an electronic cigarette. Both my doctor and my dentist are on board with this method of nicotine delivery. They both recommend electronic cigarettes to their patients who are currently smokers. This is a system I think I can live with. If the government/regulators ban electronic cigarettes, Iƒ??m afraid I will go back toreal cigarettes; and that is something I really do not want to happen.