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Right To Vape is an international database and repository. It contains testimonials of adults who have switched from combustible and unsafe oral tobacco products to safer nicotine alternatives.

I am a 38 year old single mother of 3. I first tried smoking when I was 13-14 years old, because I thought it was cool. I started smoking somewhat regularly at the age of 15 and by the time I was 18 I was a pack to a pack and a half a day smoker. I smoked during my pregnancy with my son, and with my daughters I managed to quit for about 2-3 months of each pregnancy. But I couldn’t deal with the daily stresses of life…a bad marriage, 3 kids 5 and under. By the time I was 26 I had a 2 pack a day habit..sometimes even more. My children learned the dangers of smoking in school programs and begged me to quit but I was never emotionally ready to do so. Smoking was my crutch. I started smoking outside about 4-5 years ago and this significantly dropped the amount of cigarettes I was smoking during the week, but if I went out with friends I would easily consume a pack in an evening. I decided earlier this year that enough was enough. I was huffing and puffing when I tried to run, my blood pressure stayed high to the point that I nearly had to go to the E.R. for it on several occasions. I ordered my first E-Cig on March 5th, 2013. Received it in the mail on March 8th, 2013, and gave away the half pack of cigarettes I had left. I have exclusively Vaped since then. I have had an odd craving here and there, I’ve actually lit up a cigarette once, only to discover that the taste was disgusting and put it out after a puff or two. I feel better, I smell better, my under-eye circles are disappearing, my children love that this has helped me to quit smoking stinkies. In the past I tried the gums, the patches, even cold turkey. None of these methods worked for more than a few weeks. The E-Cig has been the ONLY thing that has helped curb the cravings without any nasty side effects. I love that I no longer smell like a walking ashtray and that in the future years to come I will be able to run and play with my grandchildren without being winded. I have several friends as well who have either significantly cut down on regular cigarettes due to the E-Cig or have quit altogether as I have done. I currently use an eGo battery with a Vivi Nova tank as my setup, and my e-liquid is around 18mg in strength. I for see this nicotine strength becoming lower in the very near future. I feel so much healthier and with the money I don’t spend on cigarettes I can spend extra on my children. It feels amazing to finally be able when someone asks me for a cigarette or a lighter, Sorry, I don’t smoke!!!