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Right To Vape is an international database and repository. It contains testimonials of adults who have switched from combustible and unsafe oral tobacco products to safer nicotine alternatives.


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1 Giordano Souza
I was 16 when I started smoking and after 24 years I could quit smoking right after I started vaping in 2018. Tried medication, nicotine patches but nothing worked. Always had this depression that I was never going to quit. I was sure that I was going to die smoking! Vaping brought me hope, brought me self esteem and willingness to improve healthy habits. I am so grateful. I started a YouTube channel GioVaperTV and an instagram profile to help people and businesses know about vaping @giovaper.v3 (suffered the instagram Ban two times already) But I won’t silent! Vaping Saves Lifes! Thank you for the opportunity to share! Here in Brazil we are going through dark days on the health agenda abou vaping. Mostly fake news and absurd issues shown in media. We need the truth to prevail.
2 Stefano Caprio

Ho iniziato a fumare a 14 anni e ho smesso all’età di 67. Sto usando vaporizzatori personali da più di un anno e non ho più acceso una sigaretta tradizionale. Ho conosciuto questa alternativa al fumo casualmente leggendo notizie su magazine del settore online. I cambiamenti che ho riscontrato sono tutti positivi: niente più tosse, cattivo odore, cenere e disturbo ad altre persone. Mi dispiace solo non aver conosciuto prima la sigaretta elettronica.

English translation: I started smoking at 14 and quit at the age of 67. I had been using personal vaporizers for over a year and have not lit a traditional cigarette again. I got to know this alternative to smoking by accidentally reading the news in online industry magazines. The changes I have seen are all positive: no more cough, bad smell, ash and disturbance to other people. I only regret not having known the electronic cigarette before.

3 Patrick McHargue
I quit cigarettes in 2016 in favor of vaping. I was encouraged by my kids and quit after almost 40 years as a smoker. Now, 6+ years later, my lungs are clear and I will never go back to smoking regular cigarettes.
United States
4 Randy Caldwell
I was smoking at least 3 packs of cigarettes’ a day, and coughing a lot. One day my son told me he hates hearing me cough, and wishes I would quite smoking because he does not want to watch me die like his grandpa did. Once vaping came out, I tried it and found a level that worked for me. I stopped coughing, I felt more energized, and my son was so proud of me, and thankful. I have not smoked a cigarette for over 5 years now.
United States
5 Kate Breivik
Vaping literally saved my life. In 2014 (after smoking for about 32 years) I had 3 pretty scary bouts of pneumonia. I was told I had COPD. My episodes were basically feelings of suffocation. Scared me bad! I knew I had to quit smoking but it is one of my great pleasures. I decided to give vaping a try. After a bit of adjusting I found it to be a totally happy alternative to smoking. My health has improved immeasurably. No more pneumonia and very few episodes that I need my rescue inhaler. I am using a very low nicotine content and find no adverse issues. It was convenient and inexpensive to find the things I needed online. Of course, this has changed drastically! All the the online sites I had used in the past are now defunct. It’s getting harder and harder to find what I need. I am so frustrated and angry that the “government” has found the need to stick their noses where it REALLY doesn’t belong. They have put numerous companies out of business and made it nearly impossible for people like me to get their supplies. I understand that vaping has put a hardship on big tobacco companies but is that a BAD thing? Government is basically taking away my right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.
United States
6 Becky Smith
I started smoking back in 1973. I smoked for almost 40 years. When vaping came along I gave it a try and was able to quit smoking very quickly and easily. I have family and friends who also were able to quit smoking. I am so angry that the system in trying to take away our right to vape. It appears that they are doing everything that they can to make it difficult for us to continue to vape. Free country? Uh, not so much.
United States
7 Ian miller
While I wish I could quit smoking altogether I am a victim of nicotine addiction. I have been a tobacco smoker for almost 60 Years in that time I have been an ardent pipe smoker. As result of pipe smoking I have suffered irreversible teeth and gum damage. As a cigarette smoker I have wasted thousands of dollars. I now vape.
New Zealand
8 Kashyap Jha
I’ve been smoking for 10 years and then switched to vaping 2 years ago. Started with a sub-ohm tank but switched to pod systems as freebase nic wasn’t helping and I was dual using for around a year. I have stopped smoking entirely since I started using salt nic. I can definitely say it’s much more effective than alternatives I’ve tried (nic gums, willpower) and I feel much better after making the switch completely. I’ve got my sense of smell and taste back and could go from literally zero exercise to biking 20km a day in a few months of switching. It’s a shame that the Indian government didn’t even give it a chance and banned it for “health reasons” while completely ignoring cigarettes, bidis, gutka and all the other varieties of tobacco products that are widely available in India (even to minors). Not sure what the reason for the ban was, Indian govt owning a substantial stake in the biggest tobacco company (ITC)? or intense lobbying from tobacco farmers in the months leading to the ban? For whatever reason, the only losers here are the general population and the winners as usual are big tobacco companies and their monopolies. Kudos to the nameless vendors who are keeping us vapers from relapsing to cigarettes and shame to the Indian govt!
9 Sharron Greenfield
Hello My name is Sharron and I am 52. I started smoking at 17 and have smoked for 35 years. I have tried to quit many times throughout the years, ranging time periods from 3 months to 7 years.This last period of smoking has been 4 years. I tried a disposable vape for the first time a few months ago and within 3 days I preferred the vape and have not had an urge to smoke again. I still vape but have cut down to the point that it’s not a need anymore. I must say I found the experience of converting to vapes very easy even after 35 years and I know that if I can have a vape when and if I need I will never touch cigarettes again. My health has improved, I don’t cough as much and I am really happy with the outcome. I used to smoke hand-rolled cigarettes and now use a disposable vape or refillable pods vape. This vaping has really changed my life and addiction to smoking.
10 Zachary Parsons
I started vaping when I was probably around 20 – i’m 28 now and I can’t even begin to explain how much vaping has saved my life. I can only imagine what would have happened to my health if I had kept smoking. I made the switch to vaping and was able to switch. Gum doesn’t work, it’s a bad product which helps very few people in my opinion. I’d rather talk about freedom though, we live in a country where Alcohol has flavors and is regulated at the age of 21. Why should tobacco product regulation be any different? You have a product here which doesn’t have any known effects in terms of second hand exposure yet an 18 year old can figure out how to get some flavored alcohol and kill someone at night when they’re intoxicated. We live in a country that is afraid to actually enforce a vaccine that is approved by the FDA but wants to force this.
11 Jackson Wayne Boggs
I started smoking after I graduated in 2013 with the help of peer pressure from one of my best friends from school. It didn’t last long, but I smoked every brand of cigarettes you can think of. I was a dual user for a while till I finally quit smoking with a flavor from a local vape shop called Blueberry Cinnamon Crumble. After I quit smoking with the switch to vaping, I felt a lot better over the past few months; I didn’t smell like smoke and my car didn’t smell like smoke anymore. Also, when I smoked, I had problems with wheezing and shortness of breath. After a few weeks when I quit, those problems went away. If you or a friend smokes, educate them about vaping!
United States
12 Zach Sanders
My name is Zach Sanders, and honestly, I’m fighting for the right to vape, due to the combustion from cig’s causing harm, and major effects such as cancer! honestly look at the British/ U.K there the only ones getting it right. They’re smart enough to see that vaping is 95% less harmful then cigs. stop only caring about the money you get from the tobacco industry. start caring about people’s health!
United States
13 Louis Fourie
I was a Camel smoker for 23 years and during that time my mind convinced me that i could not quit. After a few attempts of my daughter pleading me to stop, as she did not want to lose me earlier than needed be, I started to seriously consider putting a halt to a habit. I knew it was detrimental to my health. As a Biology teacher, i needed to convince myself first that ecigs was a better alternative and that took more than a year of research. Finally i made up my mind to change and never looked back since that first inhale of my first ecig ….. still remember the flavor …… coffee cake. 🙂 That was about 6 years ago and have never touched a cigarette since. So so so thankful to the vapor device that i will always praise its’ use above that of smoking. By far the best alternative as a way to quit smoking.
South Africa
14 Alex Staines
Basically I quit a 35-year cigarette smoking habit instantly at the age of 54 by taking up vaping. It was effortless, I just stopped one and started the other. That was 5 years ago and since then I haven’t had even a puff on a cigarette. I left half a pouch of cigarette tobacco which went mouldy because I had just forgotten about it. I think the “psychology” of vaping works really well for smokers whereas patches and gum fail. Yes, I’m still a nicotine addict I suppose, but vaping is so much the lesser of two “evils”. My lung health has definitely improved out of sight. Thank you, vape inventors.
New Zealand
15 Barbara Bidan-Lyng
I quit smoking almost by accident, not looking to quit, no desire to quit. I was born in 1980, a time period where it seems everyone in France smoked everywhere: my parents at home, my teachers at school, people at Metro stations, inside restaurants, malls, school courtyards, on television, on planes, on the train, in hotel rooms… Smoking cigarettes was associated with being an intellectual artistic rebel. Philosophers and writers would smoke on national television. There were posters of famous grunge and rock band artists with a lit cigarette in their mouth. Sartre, De Beauvoir, Sagan, Camus, all writers I studied in school, smoked and most pictures of them are seen with cigarettes. And I did start smoking. I wanted to be a rebellious intellectual artistic person. Then vaping came along. Around in 2011 my husband bought a strange device from a far-off land and filled it with liquid nicotine. I saw him manipulate the object, puff on it, have to repair it, but mostly I saw him stop smoking completely. Him, a pack-a-day smoker, that had started at age 13, easily quit. I was not convinced though. These were strange chemical products coming from foreign countries, not approved for consumption in France. I stayed with what I knew, cigarettes. Then, little by little the strange vaping devices became more user-friendly. My husband was able to buy his liquids in France instead of importing them. I decided to give it a try. It was strange at first, not at all like smoking. The effects of nicotine did not “hit” as hard or fast as with a cigarette. The aerosol did not feel as “heavy”. It was an enjoyable experience, but I wasn’t ready to give up smoking. I would keep the vape handy in case I ran out of cigarettes, or instead of going outside to smoke when it was cold or rainy. I never expected the following. Little by little I got bored of smoking, did not want a cigarette in certain circumstances. It started with walking the dog. I could not stand to smoke a cigarette when I took my canine companion outside. Then in the car. Even before going to sleep. I was enjoying my strawberry flavoured vape much more. I quit smoking almost by accident, not looking to quit, no desire to quit. It helped me that my superiors at work encouraged me to vape and accepted that I vape on site. It immensely helped that I had different flavours to go to. I started out with a butter-scotch crème liquid but quickly got tired of it and have been on strawberry crème for some time now. I am still addicted to nicotine, and frankly have never had any desire to quit it. It helps me focus and concentrate, and every single time I quit smoking in the past, I went back to it when I felt overwhelmed by too much “chatter” in my mind. With vaping, I have a less harmful means of getting my nicotine. I don’t have many vices: I do not gamble; I don’t drink alcohol very often; I don’t consume cannabis or any of its derivatives; I don’t eat meat on a regular basis; I don’t drink coffee or tea. I enjoy walking my dog, going to my workplace by bicycle, gardening and spending time with my husband, and my only vice: vaping. I would not be able to vape menthol or tobacco flavours. I have tried many different flavours before I settled on strawberry crème with is my “all-day-flavour”. Some like menthol and tobacco I find disgusting. Some like strawberry or whipped cream, I enjoy immensely. I do not have a high-risk high-paying job, am a little over minimum wage and would not continue to vape if there were excise taxes on the product, as vaping does have a few more expenses than smoking (batterie, resistance, liquid). I would either go back to cigarettes, which I don’t enjoy any longer, but most likely would turn to the black market. My house smells much better since I made the switch, I can ride harder and faster on my bicycle and have been able to even save some money instead of spending it all on ash. I thank anyone who has read me. Vaping has helped me stay off cigarettes when patches or gums never have. I find the regulations in France quite reasonable and would like to see more independent-peer-reviewed scientific studies in the future concerning vaping. I never thought I would quit smoking, but I am thrilled that I stumbled upon vaping.
16 Gwyna Tremmel
I smoked from the time I was 15 years old til I was 40 years old. So I smoked for 25 years. I started vaping almost 10 years ago. I started with a vape pen and now I use a mod. I DO NOT smoke at all, I can’t even stand being around the smell of a cigarette it gives me such a headache now. When I started vaping I completely quit smoking and haven’t looked back. I never tried to quit smoking until there was an smoke-free alternative. I can’t and will not say anything negative about vaping. I had my lungs checked and I can say honestly my lungs have only improved over time with vaping. I can exercise without being out of breath. By exercising I mean running, elliptical, treadmill, weight training and any sport I want to do. I love the fact that my clothes, my very long hair and my house do not smell like a nasty cigarette. I would never want to have to go back to a horrible cigarette. I truly believe it saved my life.
United States
17 Edwige
Il vaudrait mieux interdire le tabac qui tue, rend malade les non-fumeurs, les voisins qui ne peuvent ouvrir leurs fenˆtres sans se prendre les fum‚es de tabac d‚plac‚es par le vent : c’est l’enfer !
18 Daniel
Monopolios never more!!
19 Abel
Porque no puede ser posible que Bloomberg quiera el mercado, a comerse a los ricos y a vapear
20 Gustavo
El capeo salva vidas