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Right To Vape is an international database and repository. It contains testimonials of adults who have switched from combustible and unsafe oral tobacco products to safer nicotine alternatives.

*Sent from rural New South Wales, AUSTRALIA At 14, I started smoking, at 15 I tried to quit, at 16 I tried to quit, 17 tried to quit, 18 couldn’t quit. I’d conceded to myself that I would smoke until I died (probably due to direct tabacco related illness) but I’d taught myself to be okay with that because, plan and simply my life wasn’t as enjoyable without the smokes. One day when I just turned 30 (been smoking for over half of my life), I walked to my local servo to get a pack and in Australia there was an 11.5% tax hike on the tabacco, so when I walked there with the corrext money I was about 5 bucks short, for the packet of 25 smokes was now just under $39 (about $20 USD). I decided to try and quit again, went 2 weeks. When the cravings hit in I watched hours of youtube videos, joined vape forums and researched everything I could. I took a half educated leap of faith and I got my first rechargeable stick mod and 30 ml of red bull flavoured juice, in the 8 months since then, I have not had a single drag of a ciggerette, have upgraded to mechanical mods and rebuilbable drippers and have tried dozens of flavours including a tobacco flavour which after 2 puffs I threw out because the taste nearly made me sick. I can 100% confirm without flavoured ejuices I would be back smoking, and finding ways again to feel content with the fact that the chemicals in ciggerettes were more than likely going to kill me.