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Right To Vape is an international database and repository. It contains testimonials of adults who have switched from combustible and unsafe oral tobacco products to safer nicotine alternatives.

I smoked for 12 years, 10 years of which i smoked 20 RED cigarettes a day before becoming fully Smoke free My first time using a vape product was in NZ at the begining of vapes coming out probably in 2011/2012 maybe and i was unsuccessful, the flavours were very fake tasting so I chose tobacco flavours that were as close to the brand I smoked and just ended up smoking again. Other products I tried that didnt work included patches, gum, mints, spray the quit smoking book and champax. I started up with vaping again in September 2018 and was coming up to the summer/ holiday period (which for me was the hardest time -due to always needing a cigarette when i drank alcohol). And I began on a mod system with a Mouth to lung tank. The flavour I began with was apple crumble, cinnamon and whipped cream and it had a strength of 12mg. Apple crumble is my favourite dessert and i thought it would he a great juice to use, unfortunately i started to get sick of the flavour and wasnt the best flavour whilst drinking either so I would still smoke ciggarettes on the weekends. The other difficult thing for me was not having any options in australia to get nicotine juice so that flavour was all I had, I tried some with no nicotine but it didnt work. It wasnt until I flew to nz for a holiday and brought back a 12mg icy berry, 9mg chewberry (bubble gum and strawberry) and a 6mg Grape flavour (the idea was to start on a higher level and decrease the strength over time). This was when I fully quit because I realised that the vape flavours that worked for me are fruits. The only way I continued to stay off cigarettes was buy switching my flavours so I didnt get sick of them (I done this weekly). Eventually i started to crave more flavour and my MTA tank wasnt providing this to me. So I switched to a subohm tank which produces more vapour and much more flavour. Now I import my nicotine from overseas to mix in ready made flavours as they have perfected making them taste great and probably have about 10/15 flavours at home (which are all different) and 2 different ones on me at all times. Im proud to say that i only use 3mg of nicotine now. I have been smoke free for the longest i have ever been since I started smoking and its the best i have ever felt. My goal is to eventually reduce my nicotine levels down to nothing which will completly rid my need for it alltogether. My fiance still smokes cigarettes (she doesnt want to quit yet) which is very difficult for me, but if I lost flavours because im still using nicotine I would probably fall back into smoking which I do not want to do. Growing up I was very good at sport and smoking never effected me physically. It was until my mid 20’s I started to realise the effects on my breathing when i played sport and couldnt play any sports without having to stop to catch my breath every 5 minutes. Since quiting smoking i have started playing rugby, ice hockey and inline hockey and havnt felt better in years. I can breathe again! My sense of taste is back which is amazing and my sense of smell. Don’t take our flavours, flavours have saved my life, its the only way I have been able to quit, its the vast variety we now have. As I stated earlier, vape products didnt work for me back in 2011- we didnt have the same variety, quality in e-juices and variety in flavours we have today and I’m now going to spend more years with my kids because of this so once again…..don’t take our flavours! For me the nicotine is the addiction so yes thats needed to quit smoking, but the real hero that I dont even think the original creators of vape products relised is the flavours – being able to change my flavours regularly is what has helped my quit!