About RightToVape.org
Right To Vape is an international database and repository. It contains testimonials of adults who have switched from combustible and unsafe oral tobacco products to safer nicotine alternatives.

I began smoking in my early teens and smoked consistently until I was 24 years old. At the height of my cigarette consumption I was smoking a pack a day. I have always been a physically active person and my cigarette habit was constantly getting in the way of the things I wanted to do. My lung capacity was badly impacted and I felt like I was always slightly sick with cold-like symptoms. I was recently turned on to e-cigarettes by a friend who brought one to a party. I was curious and gave it a try, I was impressed by the taste and the amount of vapor it produced. I went the next day to the grocery store and picked up a disposable electronic cigarette and spent the rest of the day experimenting with it. Between the vapor it produced, the smooth taste, and it not leaving my clothes, hands and breath smelling like smoke I really enjoyed it. I bought couple more disposable e-cigs and supplemented them with my regular cigarettes for about two weeks. In that two week period I cut down my regular cigarette consumption by 75 percent. I then did a little research on finding an electric cigarette that was reusable and began experimenting with different flavors. Within one month of being introduced to e-cigs I stopped smoking regular cigarettes completely. Since then (about six months) I have smoked one regular cigarette and didn’t even finish it because it felt and tasted gross to me. Originally I picked up an electric cigarette out of curiosity and not for the advertised health benefits. I thought that surely anything containing nicotine and chemicals wasn’t doing my lungs any favors. I still believe this but the effects of switching from regular cigarettes to electric were notable. Once I completely switched, I no longer woke up in the morning with coughing fits and phlegm in my throat. My lung capacity improved greatly and I am able to exercise more freely and more frequently. This is not to say that electronic cigarettes have no effect on the lungs because I still do feel resistance in my breathing after vapping heavily. However I feel much healthier now and I am able to still enjoy the activity of smoking which I do very much.