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Right To Vape is an international database and repository. It contains testimonials of adults who have switched from combustible and unsafe oral tobacco products to safer nicotine alternatives.

Since I was age 18 to age 40 i was a pack a day smoker or so over 22 years. I started like most… in the army when smoke if you got them was still a thing all to get that few minutes away from working and not being around superiors. During these few year in the army i was a 2 pack a day smoker. I left the army and well when that price as a ton more to smoke I naturally cut down to save money and held at a pack a day for 19 years!!!!!!!! yes folks you heard right 19 years…. I’ve tried other ways to quit smoking from cold turkey to councelling to pharma nothing worked for long periods a few days later back smoking that pack a day. I lost a job over a not smoke policy at work it wasnt just no smoking in the building but no smoking on the property at all. before leaving the company i started to see people starting to vape at first it wasn’t for me it was still new here and the stories did scare me some in 2014 hearing about all they ways vaping could harm you. in 2014 i took a trip to Califormia visit some friends have fun and checked out a vape shop and they eased my mind and thought i try it but not with the big box mod or building coils but with a vuse devise. yes that simple 20 dollar juul like devise. well started to use that and my smoke was cut in half with in a day… but un known to me ill end up in the hospital with a different lung issue call legionnares disease… i was in the icu and coma for 2 weeks and in the hospital for a month. i was in bad shape …. this is the longest period i went without nicotine of any form to this point… i kept this nicotine free stuff up for about a year. I wasnt me i wasnt comfortable in my own skin. it wasnt till i looked again not to be on cigarettes find a different way to get what i wanted without soo much harm…. i got me a eleaf pico and easy to replace premade coils. this made the total difference in how i felt i was finally home in my skin again. i started on a 18% nic cherry flavor then me trying many other flavors. now im finding deals online. im building my own coils using a mech mod once in a while and now im adjusting my own nicotine to cut that down from that orginal 18% nic to a 10% as of march 2021 yes it takes a while… yes it is work …yes its research to get through the garbage of tobacco vs vaping… if it was for all the flavors i would have quit and went back to smoking and if i didnt have that control over my nicotine i would have went back to smoking. i believe vaping not being 100% safer but cleaner me not getting the thousands of chemicals…. i would not be here 6 years later from that hospital visit. To this day im vaping. I’m happy and i am enjoying myself again.