About RightToVape.org
Right To Vape is an international database and repository. It contains testimonials of adults who have switched from combustible and unsafe oral tobacco products to safer nicotine alternatives.

My Vaping Story and why vaping should be supported by Governments and Health organisations around the world.  

My name is Peter Gray.  I am a British citizen, but have been a permanent resident in Cyprus since 2008.  I was a 30 a day cigarette smoker until 2014, when I discovered e-cigarettes.  I purchased my first kit in September of 2014 and when I started using it, it helped me stop smoking within 6 days and I have been smoke free since then (7 years).  I continue to enjoy vaping and have reduced the nicotine strength in my e-liquids since I started from 18mg to 3mg.  I had tried other methods to quit smoking but vaping was the only one that helped me succeed permanently.  I am significantly more healthy, no coughs or wheezing, lower blood pressure and I now swim a half to one kilometre every day.

One of the major contributors to my success comes from the use of flavoured e-liquids.  I found that getting away from tobacco flavours and vaping fruits and dessert e-juices helped me continue vaping and not smoking.  I didn’t give up smoking just to be told I can only vape e-liquids that taste of tobacco.  Leave my flavours alone!

Vaping has helped to transform my lifestyle for the better and I believe Governments and Health organisations  should support this activity as a major step to help people quit combustible cigarettes.

For this reason I would urge Government legislators to treat nicotine vaping as a non-tobacco product, remove it from “Tobacco Control” laws and regulate it differently.  If we want to encourage people to use vaping to quit combustible cigarettes we should avoid taxing them like traditional tobacco products to provide an incentive for them to move over to vaping.  So this should not include increasing the tax on vaping products as this will discourage smokers from changing to vaping.  There are massive amounts of scientific evidence to support the fact that vaping is 95% safer than combustible tobacco.  Public Health England, Royal College of Surgeons, Action on Smoking and Health, NHS all recommend vaping as a safer alternative to smoking.

Organisations such as WHO and Bloomberg Philanthropies actively pedal lies on their websites against vaping paying no heed to the mountains of scientific evidence that clearly shows vaping is far safer than smoking by a huge magnitude.  Their motives and agendas are unclear, but their active lobbying of lies about nicotine vaping shows they know nothing and don’t care about tobacco harm reduction. Both these organisations are not interested in listening to anything other than their own dogmatic and bigoted views.  I urge Governments to challenge them at every possible opportunity. People voted for you, not the WHO or Bloomberg.

My experience demonstrates that vaping is an effective tool for quitting smoking and saves hundreds and thousands of lives in the process.  It saved mine and I’m thankful for that.