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i started smoking aged 28 and having smoked for over 30+years..i finally kicked my habitual smoking since May 2011 now for over 2 years ..if not for e-cig i would still be smoking as i am an habitual smoker..e-cig,vaping has taken away the urge for cigarette and i vape nonstop from sunrise to sunset on average using 3-4 ml of nicotine base e-liquids of diff flavors..now over the 2+years i strictly vaping..i notice my general health has improve with each passing days as a smoker from a few cigarettes to almost 3 packs a day during my peak usage..my endless coughing and phelgm during the night sleep was disturbing has finally ended ..no more cough nor spitting out..my senses of smell and taste has finally returns and i now tends to eat & enjoy my food i wrote this beginning of this year i dont know what to make of this gaining back my blind eye sight after 30 years yesterday it happened for the 1st time after progressively blinded since 1980’s as i suffered from retinitis pigmentosa on my left eye..i can now see through the blinded eye..once was just a light source,now i see out-of-focus image in my blind eye..i am so delighted to see much clearer vision and wider scope of the scene around me..was 2-dimension be4 but now i see in 3-D..how wonderful but then i want to know what cause this change in my eye-sight? i dont believe in miracle,am an atheist but my wife believe in miracle as she is a staunch christian..my only change i made was converting from a heavy smoker to be a vaper as i being vaping now for nearly 2 years,come April..i wonder has vaping also improve my eye-sight as i know vaping has cleared most of smoker problems..i used to have..regards mafig ps i was treated in Moorfield Eye Hospital in London and was told I had retinitis pigmentosa and that there is no cure..it is early stage with my new eye sight..out-of focus and still not sycronise with my good eye..as i see double images,presently..hoping as time passes i can gain back normal vision with both eyes http://www.e-cigarette-forum.com/forum/health-safety-e-smoking/370290-i-dont-know-what-make-gaining-back-my-blind-eye-sight-after-30-years.html my left vision is still out of focus but i still able to see be4 was just light source..vaping has certainly changed my lifestyle and only regret i did not know when e-cigarette was founded in 2007 as i started vaping in 2011