About RightToVape.org
Right To Vape is an international database and repository. It contains testimonials of adults who have switched from combustible and unsafe oral tobacco products to safer nicotine alternatives.

Where do I start….at the beginning works. When I was 15 I started smoking because of my friends and the Marlboro Man and stupidity. I continued to smoke through High School and College and really into my career in Public Safety, both Police and Fire. I used cigarettes to decompress from events and situations and was involved in. After concluding my career I open Medical Supply companies where I supplied my clients with Wheel Chairs, Hospital beds and home oxygen. For another 20 years I watched people die an horrible deaths because of smoking combustible cigarettes. I watch both my Grand Parents and my Parents die because of cigarettes and I could not stop smoking. I tried off and on and just could not get away from cigarettes. I tried Nicotine gum, Chantix and could not get way from cigarettes. In early 2013 at my wife’s constant persuasion, cleaned that up, I went to see a Doctor because I was exhausted all the time. I made it a practice to see a Doctor as little as possible but this time I could not escape my wife’s encouragement. To make this story short a few days later I received 2 stints in my coronary arties. One was blocked 96% and the other 98%. My Cardiologist told me the tar in the cigarettes contributed greatly to the occlusions. He told me I had to stop smoking. This is when I tried Chantix….that stuff is not for me. I smoked more using that mood altering crap than I did before. So I tried gum, the patch and my Wife’s constant encouragement and successfully cut down to 1 pack per day….not bad from 2 to 3 packs a day. 6 months after my first 2 stints I was back in the Cathe Lab getting my 3rd stint. This time I was only blocked in 1 artery and it was only blocked 96%. Again my Doctor told me I had to stop smoking that diet alone was not going to work. 6 months later I was once again back with another blocked artery and now I have 4 stints. When I woke up I asked my wife find a E-Cig for me. That was the last time I smoked a combustible cigarette. I am not going to lie the flavor was horrible, tobacco flavor. When I got home I went on line and researched e-Cigs and flavors. I ordered one with a refillable tank and a creamy desert flavor. I ordered it overnight shipping because the tobacco flavor was so nasty to me. I am now 3 days past my last stint when the new flavor arrived and that was it for me. I have not had a cigarette or a craving for a cigarette in almost 8 years. I have been back in the Cathe Lab twice since my last stint and I am clear, no additional blockage. Let me be clear, it was cigarettes that did this to me, I have not changed my diet or really been very active in 10 years. Just cutting out cigarettes will save so many lives. I just don’t understand why so many organizations like American Heart and American Lung do not support Vaping. I no longer support them!