About RightToVape.org
Right To Vape is an international database and repository. It contains testimonials of adults who have switched from combustible and unsafe oral tobacco products to safer nicotine alternatives.

I was a smoker for 35 years and tried a lot of times to quit by patches – which it turned out that I was allergic to – and then just to make a hard break of it.. nothing worked! Then my daughter bought me an e-Cigarette and within a week I was smoke free..

At first I vaped tobacco with menthol taste – because that was what I smoked- but fairly quick I switched to fruity taste in order to get away from the cigarette taste I was trying to skip, and It worked! The craving for the actual tobacco/menthol taste was overtaken by the craving for the fresh fruity taste and I haven’t looked back since – now smoke free for 10 years and the chronic bronchitis I ressel with for 10 years as a smoker were gone within the first 6 months and it has not bothered me since then!

I still vape to unstress – as a chronic pain patient it helps me cope even with as little as 6 mg nicotine pr 100 ml – it takes the edge of the stress pain causes, especially in the evening when it is worse. Very early after I started vaping I started to lower the nicotine from 24 mg/100 ml to my current 6mg/100ml – and I took me just 2-3 months to get to my current level and without any problems or cravings.

The best thing about switching from 30 cigarettes a day to vaping is clearly the massive improvement of my health, but also the fact that I could be around my – at the time – baby grandchildren without making them smell of tobacco – I could, with their parents blessing, vape in their presence ( as in the same room) and didn’t have to go outside or sit for hours and crave a “drag”. And my new home I just moved into when I was presented to vapeing by my daughter, were not exposed to smoke and has not turned yellow and smell of tobacco and I enjoy living there still and everything still looks very nice!

I have worked active to promote vaping over the years, have read a lot of reports from valid sources and have spoken to a lot of people who vape and they all say the same – it saved them from tobacco and improved their health massively and helped them quit when nothing else could.

For me – and probably a lot of others – it is also a psychological thing to have the e-cigarette by the hand, still being able to calm down with something that feels like the thing I used before when I needed a break – the hand to mouth movement – that calms me a lot, and now I would never dream of smoking a cigarette again, but I will continue to fight for our right to vape and fight for our right to use the fruity and other sweet aromas – they are the aromas that work and break the tobacco cravings!

Vaping with sweet and fruity aromas helped me quit smoking very easily when nothing else could!