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Right To Vape is an international database and repository. It contains testimonials of adults who have switched from combustible and unsafe oral tobacco products to safer nicotine alternatives.

My name is Jacqueline L. Awrey, I am 58 years old this year. I am an adult vaping consumer. I switched over completely to nicotine vaping products in June 2014, after 35 plus years of smoking cigarettes. I am also an active consumer advocate on Twitter and other social media outlets, advocating for the cause, that nicotine vaping products are a harm reduction tool that helped millions across the globe quit smoking and most importantly remain smoke-free. I advocate for consumer choice on tobacco harm reduction alternatives such as nicotine flavored vaping products, Snus, and Heat not Burn (HEETS, IQOS) cigarettes are harm reduction tools, and methods. I have been involved in consumer advocacy for over 5 years. Quitting smoking is hard, smokers need as many options available as possible, I smoked for over 35 years of my life. Throughout the last 10 years of smoking, I was smoking 2 packs a day. I started smoking at age 16. I classified myself as an anxious smoker, meaning I smoked as a means to calm my anxieties. How did it affect my life? Every year I would get a sinus infection from a common cold, that would end up requiring prescriptions to clear up the infection. My children, as directed by society, shunned me, and discriminated against me because I was a smoker, society taught them, that smokers are the lowest forms of life and didn’t deserve to live. Although they do love me, they hated that I smoked cigarettes. During the last 10 years of smoking cigarettes, I needed to use a bronchial asthma inhaler, which I would need to use anytime I was exposed to the common cold. Which happened frequently when my children were younger, as young children often have 4 colds a year. I was starting to develop a smoker’s cough too.

This is a question I answered in Quora, an online discussion platform, asking if I was going to switch to vaping from smoking to help them become smoke-cigarette-free.
Are you going to switch from smoking to vaping?
I did that, 7 years, 10 months ago. Within the first year of completely switching to vaping, the health benefits showed. I no longer get sinus infections, which I seemed to get sometimes twice or more a year when I smoked cigarettes. Sinus infections that were bad enough to have to be put on an antibiotic prescription in order to clear the infection out. Since switching to nicotine vape products, IF I get a cold now, I can easily clear it up with simple over-the-counter medications, such as saline nasal sprays and Tylenol. Most colds I can get rid of in a matter of days now. I no longer need to use an asthma inhaler either, which I’d have to use if I got a common sinus or chest cold.
Since switching to vaping the following bodily functions have returned to normal Non-smoker ranges. Pulse rate back to 100% rate; Oxygen levels back to 100% rate; Carbon Dioxide levels have 100% been eliminated; Taste and Smell back to 100% rate; Breathing in bronchial tubes back to 100% rates; Energy levels back to 100% rates; Tooth staining eliminated to 100% rates; Gum and teeth health back to 100% normal rates; Circulation of blood back to normal 100% rates; Immunity and Lung functions back to normal 100% rates. Reduction in heart disease, risk of heart-related diseases has fallen to half that of a smoker. Decrease in lung cancer, 77% chance of not getting it.
So basically within those almost 8 years of being tobacco-smoke-free, I have returned to the status of a non-smoker, in most areas. This doesn’t mean, however, that I have eliminated all chances of ever getting sick or dying from a smoking-related disease or illness, as I did smoke for over 30 years. It does mean, however, that since I switched over to nicotine vaping products full time, my body has definitely benefited from the switch, and I’m less likely to get sick or die from a smoking-related disease. Most importantly my family doctor supports my harm reduction choice, given that I could not quit smoking with the traditional methods. She refers to me as an ex-smoker and has written on the charts my quit date. June 4, 2014.