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Right To Vape is an international database and repository. It contains testimonials of adults who have switched from combustible and unsafe oral tobacco products to safer nicotine alternatives.

I would like to share my experience using e-cigarettes for the last seven months. I have been a smoker since age 19. I turned 53 in September. I would smoke between one half to a full pack a day. I tried to quit many times, cold turkey, using nic gum, substituting Snus, and always had a difficult time. Twice I successfully quit and got off the substitute, staying cig and nic free for about a year each time. I found I missed nicotine constantly, and the urge to smoke again was very difficult to resist. Eventually I would fall off the wagon. My mood and sense of well being takes a downward curve when I can’t satisfy my craving for nicotine. In late October 2012, I received my first e-cigarette starter kit. I unpacked it, charged the batteries, and gave it a try that afternoon. I have not had a cigarette since and I have not experienced the same difficulty and strong urge to fall off the wagon. Nic gum and Snus were far less effective in satisfying my cravings. With an e-cig, I get the pleasure of vaping with flavor and satisfaction. I have always been physically active and in decent fitness throughout my 50+ years. Still, I have noticed a marked improvement in my cardio strength and overall sense of health since switching to e-cigarettes. That I no longer stink like a stale ashtray is icing on my cake. I would be crushed if this product were to suddenly be taken away from me, or regulated to discourage its use by myself and others. I have read extensively about their potential for short or long term health issues and I am very comfortable having made the substitution. Cigarettes are a far far worse choice, and if e-cigs are banned, I would be back to smoking. I converse daily with tens of thousands of former smokers on e-cigarette-forum.com who have had similar success using e-cigarettes. I fear the large pharmaceutical companies, selling nicotine gum and patches at obscene profits*, as well as Chantix and the like, will do every thing in their power to crush e-cigarette trade. I ask that you do some homework on the topic and stand on the side of folks like myself. I appreciate your attention on this matter. Thank you for listening, Erik *A month’s worth of e-cigarette liquid costs me about $15, since I mix my own. If I bought widely available pre-mixed e-Liquid, I’d be paying about $65. The equivalent in Nic-gum (same total milligrams of nicotine) would cost me approximately $125 at Walmart. More elsewhere.