About RightToVape.org
Right To Vape is an international database and repository. It contains testimonials of adults who have switched from combustible and unsafe oral tobacco products to safer nicotine alternatives.

You need to listen to us. The people who smoke cigarettes, and have every right to. I’m a grown adult. Vaping was saving my life, my COPD had disappeared. Now I can’t buy my nicotine juice. And take a guess what I have went back to. You are being discriminatory because kids will do what kids do. If they want cigarettes they’re going to get them, alcohol is much more dangerous but you make money off of it so you don’t attack it. Alcohol abuse tears your body apart and ruins lives. My husband used to be an alcoholic and he would have severe seizures if he didn’t have a drink after only a day or two. He would have to be placed in the hospital to be given medications and monitored 24/7 so he didn’t die. If kids can’t get their hands on tobacco and alcohol guess what they do, they will steal the canned whipped cream out of the fridge and huff the expellent from it. A large number of Kids will do whatever they think is bad because that’s how they are. They’ve been that way since the beginning of time and they’ll be that way forever. It is a huge mistake to take away our Vape products, they save lives. And if kids can’t get Vape they’re going to go right back to cigarettes anyway. I’ve seen it with my own eyes. You need to stop attacking The Vape industry and give us back our rights to choose a healthier alternative. And I know for a fact it’s a healthier alternative because when I started vaping my oxygen levels went up, I stopped hacking up disgusting stuff, I could breathe again, I could even sing again. PLEASE LISTEN TO THE ADULT CONSUMER!! You will NEVER stop teens from choosing idiotic things to do to look “cool” or rebel. They will be hurt more just like the adults will. ADULTS use vape products WAY MORE than teens do, just like the number of children using drugs and alcohol is extremely small compared to the number of grown adults who have the choice to do what they want. After all isn’t this America, land of the free? With the amazing Constitution? And by the way, why don’t you go look at that freedom bearing Constitution in its entirety. Just because they don’t print it anymore it has never legally been removed. “‘We’ have the right to ingest into our bodies anything we choose.” It’s in our constitution. Go ahead and try to take away our rights. we constitutionally have this right and YOU, our government that WE put in office, are illegally taking it away? That’s not very American. Stop abusing your positions. You work for the people. The majority of the people feel we have the right to be able to vape and purchase all the products we need to do it. Are you supporting ‘cancel culture? ‘