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Right To Vape is an international database and repository. It contains testimonials of adults who have switched from combustible and unsafe oral tobacco products to safer nicotine alternatives.

I smoked for 36 years and tried numerous times to quit during the last 12. I’d stop for a week, 2 weeks, 3 weeks one time but I always went back to smoking. I did stop inhaling for 10 weeks during 2012 but went back to inhaling like it wasn’t anything at all. I started rolling my own in 2000 because I needed something stronger. I used injectors with filtered tubes as well as rolling machines that used loose papers. I eventually started mixing cigar and rich dark pipe tobacco into into my hand-rolling tobacco just to get more taste and because there wasn’t anything strong enough on the market. Every morning I woke up coughing up my lungs but I simply couldn’t stop no matter how much discipline and dedication I tried to muster and will. I didn’t like smoking but I was hooked and the habit was like a part of my life. Through all this, I could feel my health deteriorating but I still couldn’t stop. In early May I purchased an e-cig look a like starter kit and that did it. I was able to stick with it but the battery was small. It was OK for home use and staying in town but I had a trip coming up and I needed something reliable and less costly to operate as the cartridges for my cig a like were pretty expensive. I found an eGo-T refillable, rechargeable personal vapor that worked out very well for my needs. I could wear in on a lanyard around my neck and even use it while on my motorcycle and the best thing about it, it didn’t stink! The week I got it I left for a trip and stayed in a hotel room and there was no smell. Only a small wisp of flavor that vanished as quickly as it arrived. I could use it right in front of people and they all said that they didn’t smell a thing and this struck up conversations on where they could get one for a family member who smoked. They liked the idea of no stink and no tar or other foul chemicals. Since I started vaping, I have not had a cigarette except for once early on. I thought I wanted a cigarette so I found one and lit it up, took two puffs and said yuck. I put it out immediately and haven’t even had the desire to light another one up. During the times in past when I was smoking and tried to stop, I used the patch, gum and even smokeless mouth types tobacco and that was big mistake. I could actually feel it penetrating and caustically eating my tooth enamel. I could at some times feel the nicotine in mouth tobacco inside my teeth! I stopped this after a very short time. The problem with the patch is that it floods your system for long periods of time with a lot of nicotine. It also says to leave it on while you sleep but I never smoked in my sleep and it kept me awake. I think the patch actually made me even more addicted to nicotine than I was before I started using them. Patches eventually started irritating my skin and made me break anywhere I tried to apply one. The gum, while delivering nicotine, doesn’t work well after a meal. I could eat dinner, wait 15 minutes and then use the gum and 15 minutes later I still wanted a cigarette because I was starting to feel bloated the longer I chewed the gum.It was OK in a pinch if you were in a long meeting but not as a quitting aid. Like other methods, I would eventually give up on this too. Since using a refillable and rechargeable personal vaporizer I have been off the smoking habit. While I do get nicotine, I’m not getting the tar and resultant chemicals of combustion and carcinogens or the additives of cigarettes. My lungs are clear and capacity is increasing daily and I can tell. I’m getting more exercise and I am not having that tired feeling all the time. Often when I was smoking tobacco, I would get the urge to smoke so I did. Then I’d try to get something done around the house but I had that urge to smoke. So I would and instead of being able to move on and get anything done, I’d feel even worse so naturally, I wanted to smoke again. This cycle would go one for hours, sometimes until in was late into the night. The more I smoked the worse I felt but I had to keep smoking. Not chain smoking just regular, every 45 minutes to an hour smoking. I broke that cycle since switching and I feel my health improving by the week. A. Chackal South Carolina