About RightToVape.org
Right To Vape is an international database and repository. It contains testimonials of adults who have switched from combustible and unsafe oral tobacco products to safer nicotine alternatives.

I have read about the new generation of e-cigarettes one day and started searching for more information. I found a lot of testimonials of people who have quit smoking successfully with these products and found actual communities who were willing to share all their information. After some back and forward discussion and product searching, I made my first purchase: 2 ego batteries with T2 CC clearomizers. I thought i needed a flavor of juice that simulates tobacco and was convinced I needed maximum strength. I also liked the idea of fruit flavors though so I ordered some apple and mixed fruit as well. A quick online order and I was ƒ?ª 90,- lighter and started spamming the Track and Trace website with refreshes. The first day I was so exited when I received my package, I was disappointed with the fact I had to charge the batteries first. Finally after some time the little LED on the charger turned green and I could screw my already filled clearomizer on the Ego styled battery. First puff: weird, no smoke not much taste…. Longer draw maybe? Second puff: 4 second drag…. Amazing, I knew then and there this product would help me quit tobacco products as a big vapor plume came out of my mouth. After half a day of blowing big clouds of vapor i noticed the nicotine strength was maybe a bit to high or I was using the device to much. I got a little bit of a headache and my throat got scratchy and raw. I went back to the community and started searching for people with similar problems. I found that I should drink more water, lower my nicotine intake or try juice with more VG ( the juice I had was 100% PG) I decided to get the flavors I had with 0mg nicotine and mix up the 18mg liquids I had to a strength I was comfortable with. Apparently 12mg was more to my liking. Something was missing though, I felt I should get more bang, especially when the battery was almost drained. Back to the community and started learning about the importance of the power of your device (wattage), different resistances on the heating coils (ohms) and the battery output ( Voltage). I learned that a regulated device with voltage settings would be a cure for my issues, so I traded my batteries for eGo Twists. Now I could set the voltage to a perfect setting for the resistance of the coil in my clearomizer. Everything just got a bit more technical but the experience I got out of my device was most rewarding. Within the first week I noticed I was enjoying the fruity flavors just as much as the tobacco flavor and knew there must be more to this flavor thing. So I started ordering some flavors from gourmet vendors. Wow! I was already pleased with my product but these special liquids made the experience so much more enjoyable. I only wished I could get more battery life out of my device and more juice storage would be nice as well. So begins the hobby. I could go on and on about the products available and the enjoyment you could get out of them but the best thing was I have quit tobacco products. I could walk up to my 3rd story apartment without wheezing and being out of breath within a month. I didn’t cough up tar in the morning anymore, especially after a night out this was a big issue for me when smoking. The day I started using e-cigs, I had a pack of cigarettes holding 9 cigs. Today, after a year, I have that same pack with 8 still left. I took one after a few months on a bet. A friend claimed I would smoke again as soon as I lit one up. I did light one up, took three drags and hated the flavor, hated the experience, hated the smell, got sick to my stomach and put it out again. I don’t ever want to go back to that.