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Right To Vape is an international database and repository. It contains testimonials of adults who have switched from combustible and unsafe oral tobacco products to safer nicotine alternatives.

To Whome it may concern, My name is Robert Wilson I am 21 and I have been a smoker since the age of 16, though my first cigarette was at the age of 12. I had not gone a single day without a cigarette in a year. I was smoking around 25-30 roll your own cigarettes a day, and I would buy one 50g pouch and a 25 pack of talor made cigarettes a week, which would cost around $60 Aus. I bought my first e-cig online in 2011, in an attempt to quit. This e-cig however contained no nicotine and it was unable to help me quit, so I stopped using it after a month or so. In 2011 I tried many method of quitting: Cold turkey, Gum, lozenges, patches, inhalers, and various forms of quitting programs over the Internet, email, text and phone. None of these worked, and many caused more problems than smoking, with stomach problems, headaches and dioreha. This coupled with the expense of Nicorette (almost double the price of smoking) made it impossible for me to quit, and actually fuelled my tobacco addiction. I bought a descent e-cig and 18mg e-liquid around 6 months ago and I initially used it only to substitute some of my cigarettes. I was still smoking around 20 per day, and I was happy with my efforts in cutting down at least a little. I contribute this to my e-cig, as up until I was Vaping I was steadily smoking more and more. Around a month ago, while still smoking 20 per day (maybe a few more) I decided to give up cigarettes, and while I have had 3 cigarette in that time I have refrained from buying a personal pack of cigarettes since. I of course have the same reactions of every reformed smoker: I have more energy, my girlfriend, friends and family say that they can see that I am a happier person, I do not smell (quite the opposite with e-cigs), I have more money, I have my appetite back and can taste the food I eat. There are countless more benefits that I am reaping. I have absolutely no desire to go back to tobacco and I could NOT have done this without electronic cigarettes! The most substantial proof that I have to offer you of electronic cigarettes being a valid and effective way for a person to get away from the habit of tobacco is… I work in a tobacconist! If I can give up a habit that I truly loved for 5 years and I believed was part of my identity as a person, (Rob the smoker) while having them literally in my hands for 38 hours a week! Then there must be some truth to the claim that they can help a person quit. Please approve this product for sale in America, so hopefully my government will follow suit. I honestly believe and truly know that these products have the ability to save countless lives and save literally billions if not trillions of dollars in health care around the world. Kind and sincere regards, Robert Wilson p.s in 3 months I have shown probably a couple of hundred or-so people my e-cig and given them websites and information/advice on where and what to buy and Thus far I have helped a half dozen people quit cigarettes, that I know of, there may be more than that!