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Right To Vape is an international database and repository. It contains testimonials of adults who have switched from combustible and unsafe oral tobacco products to safer nicotine alternatives.

I began smoking during my stupid time. I was 17 and was experimenting with the act(s) of self-destruction available to most 17 yr olds. Within a year I was addicted. Both my parents smoked and I worked in the restaurant industry where 75% or more of the people smoked. Thankfully that has dropped considerably. I am now 41. I have tried to quit but failed. I have twice tried Chantix and counseling. I was able to stop for 6 months when it was the most successful. …I failed. I do not consider myself unintelligent. I know what smoking has done to me. I know the times I was getting sick in the chest were related to the damage I was doing to myself. I know the poor circulation in my legs had something to do with my choices and bad habits. I know My Mother died first. Her heart failed. She had type I diabetes her entire life. She lived her last years still smoking and I was not foolish enough to blame her death strictly one habit or disease, but as the end result of a combination of factors. My Father died a year later, heart failure, he had COPD that contributed to his demise. He also smoked until he died and also pretended to quit several times after his diagnosis of COPD. I have a wife and son of my own. I could feel the damage I was doing to myself and felt I had to do something. The habit of smoking is considered more than just a physical addiction it is also a mental one. At my worst I was smoking more than a pack a day. Four weeks ago I saw a sale on a disposable E-cigarette and figured I would give it a try. I thought it was ok, but nothing to get overly excited about. It lacked the flavor I was used too and it did not last anywhere near the amount of time it should have. I was still smoking, but saw some potential. I noticed that the act of smoking was almost a strong a habit to me as the actual smoke. I changed over to a different brand of disposable and found it better than the first. From there I started researching everything I could find. The process was daunting, but I tried to gather as much neutral information as I could. This was a world in which I had no data, a world that I had previously had no exposure to. I am analytic by nature ( running businesses for years will do that to you) and no longer take the risks I did when I was younger. I believe that there is enough to show that using e-cigs would be a better choice than smoking my pack a day. Three weeks ago I smoked my last. I have jumped fully into this new world, reading all I can and learning all I can. I am using a few cigarette-like devices. I also have some more advanced items that I am very impressed with. I never knew that such possibilities existed before. I currently use a 2.4% nicotine and I already want to reduce it…WANT. I smoked a very strong cigarette and many types of cigars. What I have noticed is the most important thing that held me was the act. Don’t get me wrong or misunderstand. I knew when I needed a smoke. I craved that blast of nicotine as well as every one of those chemicals I got from a drag. One drawback I have from these e-cigs is I don’t get the high I once got. The nicotine level for me seems more muted and that really has not bothered me. I get to tweak the flavors and I can vape ( the term used when inhaling the vapor produced by an electronic device) in many places I would not have dared before. I stopped smoking in my house over 12 years ago because the tar was covering everything and the whole house smelled. I am breathing better after three weeks, but that may be entirely psychosomatic. Even if you consider the placebo effect that is still a benefit.Once in a great while I crave a cigar, but the craving is nothing compared to prior experiences. I really think this e-cig thing is a healthier choice. I really wish I could have saved my parents. Now I will see if I can save myself. Three weeks have passed and I am actually looking forward to three months and three years. I already plan on reducing my nicotine and I can see a time when I will reduce it to the point of elimination. So far this method has impressed me. Is it perfect?…nope, but it is better.