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Right To Vape is an international database and repository. It contains testimonials of adults who have switched from combustible and unsafe oral tobacco products to safer nicotine alternatives.

I have been smoking since I’m 14 years old. Now I’m 30 years old. Each year I’m become more and more addicting to cigarettes. For the last 10 years I would say where I’m using cigarettes more than everything. Luckily I’m still on good health but every year I can feel I’m not that healthier than before from this smoking addict. 5 years back I’m trying quit from smoking. Say what ever product I might already using it. From patch, pills for this. All ended with fail. I’m start smoking back and even more. On my visit to Philippines in 2011, 1st time I found this e-cigarette. Its written on box Marlboro brand, well I’m quite big fan of this brand for cigarette. When I try it for the first time it was good and yes I purchase it. Unlucky, after a week using this e-cigarette failed and can’t be use. So yeah, back to old way again for smoking. After forgetting about this e-cigarette for almost 2 year, heard it again early this year and then decide to try it again. And yes, buy my first starter kit for e-cigarettel. It was totally different from what I tried 2 years ago. It become much more interesting than before. For almost 2 weeks I quit from buying analog cigarette. Its quite big victory I have. As I work out if my country its not easy to buy all this e-cigarette accessories like the e-juice. But I know this e-cigarette have change me from addictive tobacco cigarette become less and less day by day. After back to hometown for vacation I decide to buy more e-cigarette stuff for my daily use while I’m abroad. Now proudly of me been quite smoke tobacco cigarette for almost a month now. Hopefully I can quit 100% and I’m on it now. From heavy smoker using 2 pack cigarette a day now I’m proud with myself for a month I’m out of it. So, what I can say here. For me electric cigarette totally change me and help me a way for quit smoking. Highly recommend to all heavy smoker like me.