About RightToVape.org
Right To Vape is an international database and repository. It contains testimonials of adults who have switched from combustible and unsafe oral tobacco products to safer nicotine alternatives.

I was a smoker for around 20 years. I attempted quitting cold turkey and was successful for about three months before stress came up and I started smoking again. I approached my Doctor, and began a regiment of Wellbutrin and a nicotine inhaler to attempt quitting smoking. I personally did not like the effects of the Wellbutrin, and the nicotine inhaler was horrible. I started using Snus and other smokeless tobacco products to stop smoking. This was successful for about six months, then I began smoking again. I did smoke less, but I was using the smokeless tobacco as well. I used acupuncture to assist with quitting smoking. It was not effective at all. I started using electronic cigarettes the first week of February, 2012. I have not smoked a cigarette at all since February 12th, 2012. On a side note, I haven’t used smokeless tobacco products since March of 2012, when I realized that I did not have a craving for them any longer. I currently use an electronic cigarette, a Mod style, with multiple flavors of electronic juices at 18 mg of nicotine. My nicotine level has dropped from 24 mg when I first started down to 18 mg. When I started vaping, I continued to smoke for the first week or so. I was familiar with stepping down my cigarette consumption, and finished off my last carton of cigarettes when I started vaping. My normal cigarette consumption at the time was 40 to 50 cigarettes a day. I started vaping on February 6th of 2012, and I finished my last cigarette just before bed on February 11th. The only real cigarette cravings I’ve had in that time either involve high stress or personal habit. I find that vaping during one of these crisis moments helps me pass through without actually having a cigarette. I know that I feel healthier all around after vaping. My sense of smell and taste have improved greatly. I am able to breathe more freely now than I did previously. I do not suffer from a smokers cough at all, and have a much easier time waking up in the mornings. I do drink more water and fluids than previously due to the dry mouth effect of vaping, but this problem is negligible in comparison to the benefits. I have had minor allergic reactions to some e-juices, but in every case the juice in question contained something that I am allergic to already and I was not aware was in the juice (bakers cinnamon rather than Red Hots style cinnamon and honey suckle as an example). I continue to vape at this time, and I intend to continue vaping. I understand that there are potential health risks involved with vaping, but also consider the risks to be negligible compared to my previous habit of smoking. If vaping itself was totally banned for some reason, I would probably either continue to vape in whatever capacity I could, or revert back to traditional cigarettes. I prefer vaping to smoking because it is a healthier alternative. I also appreciate the fact that it is a much healthier alternative for my family and loved ones around me.