About RightToVape.org
Right To Vape is an international database and repository. It contains testimonials of adults who have switched from combustible and unsafe oral tobacco products to safer nicotine alternatives.

I smoked cigarettes for 18 years since teen, about a half to a pack a day in average. I never even once tried to quit nor I ever wanted to. I simply loved smoking. In summer 2011 I had a chance to try an electronic cigarette a friend of mine was using. He was a smoker the last time I’ve seen him as always had been for past 20+ years I’ve known him. I told him about the negative stereotypes I had about electronic cigarettes thanks to the mainstream media, and he told me that was how he thought too but now fully convinced that these are safe. It did seem to take away the craving for tobacco cigarette I had at the time, so I decided to do some research online and own one to try it out for a while. The science was easy: The analog involves combustion which produces many carcinogens and other harmful chemicals, whereas ecig only involves change of state, liquid heated to vaporize thus no chemical reaction. I wasn’t planning on quitting though. My plan was to use ecig at home and smoke regular cigarettes whenever I’m outside just so I can keep my brand new home we just moved in stink free. What I never thought was not only that my plan would change but it would change my life altogether. It’s May 27, 2013 that I’m writing this on, and I still have that half pack of Vogue 100’s I had from August 2011. I never thought I would completely quit smoking, but it didn’t take long to realize that ecigs were better than analog smokes in every way: Health, Flavor, Throat-hit, Cloud, Smell, Cost, etc.. The beauty was that I didn’t even have to try to quit analogs. It just happened because I no longer had cravings for them. It was that easy for me. Whenever I think of the hell my father had to go through in order to get off smoking it breaks my heart. I wish I had known about ecigs just a couple years earlier, then he could’ve done it without losing most of his teeth from chewing those nasty nicotine gums without proper dental care. My health is much better, not that I was in any illness at the time of quitting, but it was still an awakening experience to realize the ability of smell and taste I’ve been missing for half of my life. Although I’m in much better shape both physically and mentally it would be a waste of time to list all the benefits I gained from quitting smoking. What I know is that I am experiencing all these benefits of being smoke free while using electronic cigarettes the whole time. I slowly dropped the nicotine level of my eliquid to near 0mg over the two years of vaping so my ecigs are becoming nicotine free as well. English is my second language so it’s been taking two hours writing this short story. But if my words could play a part guiding smokers to this wonderful alternative I would be more than delighted. DON’T SMOKE, VAPE. God bless you all, Jihun